Their. You're an Inspector, aren't you? or we could say, she's literally a mouthpiece of the system depending on whose brain is residing in her body. Asuzawa abducts him as part of his plan to break into the Nona Tower where the Sibyl System is stationed. And since they’re expanding their control outside Japan, it might be difficult for the rebels to take them down because Kamui only helped them in getting rid of their defective brains, They tricked Akane into letting her think that Kougami had crossed the line by sending terrorists to Japan so they have her expose the Military Police's deception of hiding latent criminals with high crime coefficients which they're already aware of because they hired them in the first place. Turns out that he's infiltrating Bifrost so he can have the Sibyl System to shut it down and is actually working with the Public Safety Bureau. Then Kamui in the second season, who is so dangerous they want him dead with no questions asked. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Happens after Sibyl rejects Azusawa. Most people think the Sibyl System is an unbiased computer. By the start of episode 5 she is fully. He's got the parts of 184 other people grafted into him. ... but the brokenness never really lasts with her. She provides backup in most of Division 1's cases by analyzing data, samples and evidence. And even when her son is all grown up, she expects him to be obedient, Now your former patient is hellbent in rebelling against the system that you're part of and finding your weaknesses by forcing the system to judge you, It turns out that her brain was integrated into the Sibyl System, She's shocked that a criminally asymptomatic person like herself got judged by the very system she's a part of. I'm not fit to be called a detective. Despite belittling the enforcers as "hunting dogs," he's a dog lover and has an aptitude for dog therapy. for stitching him with several organs and body parts of the people who died in that plane crash which the system committed and covered up. If they lose the game or if they meddle with an "Inspector's" work during Relations, they can be enforced by Roundrobin. The Sibyl System also sees itself as above the common notions of morality, and, according to its own logic, this is what enables it to judge other people. He is an Inspector descending into distrust of the justice system for which he works, which is reflected in his rapidly-rising Crime Coefficient. When Tenma's stepbrother insults him and his late mother for being latent criminals and tells him to disappear just like her, Kei defends Tenma on his behalf and punches his stepbrother in the face. He loses it when the Sibyl System rejects his offer of wanting to join them because he's not criminally asymptomatic like Arata. The perp in the first episode, which also happened to be the Akane's first day on the job. Since they can't judge Kamui, they want him murdered extrajudicially to avoid having to create a collective Psycho-Pass. She is paired with inspector Ginoza Nobuchika, with whom she shares a strained relationship. While she agrees that the system brought peace and order to Japan, she wonders the cost for it to achieve. He can still fight with the help from Ginoza. She's actually one of the Bifrost "foxes" hired by Azusawa but she got scared and decided not to go any further. He may be an agent of the bureau, but his stoicism and clinical methods make him rather creepy to be around. offer finest quality Psycho Pass Tsunemori Akane Kogami Shinya Ginoza Nobuchika Cosplay Costume - Only Coat and other related cosplay accessories in low price. Cyborg bodies are used to let some members go into society to perform certain tasks. Or maybe not, considering she is a cyborg capable of surviving Makishima's goons and a direct shot to her face. She fights Kougami and gains the upper hand despite being ambushed. Instead, to save her own skin, she sells out her partner and becomes the "ideal member of society. Thanks to Kamui's work she is without her left eye. If that was the case, her Psycho-Pass wasn’t immortal due to the drugs. His name literally means "398", the number assigned to him by his mother, reflecting how he was born as her experiment to create a criminally asymptomatic person. It's actually retroactive. Before he dies, he admits that he wants Akane to one day judge the Sibyl System and knows that someone will one day continue to do so. Becomes pretty clear once we find out he reports directly to Sibyl and is now planning to kill Akane along with Kamui. Rokuro Bundo x RebelStoicPsychopath Reader. Has one in Episode 21 before him and Shinya get ready to have a knife fight. Hidden in his room is a LOT of pictures of Akane. disguised as the minor character Riku Mukojima, Ginoza's therapist. Despite her small screentime in Season 3, she manages to outwit the Sibyl System by preventing them to get Arata, This increased more in the movie after she found out that the Sibyl System. The last episode has Makishima and Shinya knife fight, and Makishima seems to appreciate and admire Shinya, so much that he might even see Shinya as a kindred spirit or even a warped version of a friend. The boy never left Kogami's side. He believes that latent criminals can be still be saved. The case got everyone interested, including Ginoza, Akane and the others. Betrays the bureau and personally murders several agency members when she joins Kamui's side. Formerly a holo-tech designer, he still uses his skills to help out the team. Sibyl orders (and repeats it several times) Arata to prosecute Azusawa. a perfect description of Japan's population ruled by Sibyl. The surgeries were very difficult and painful, and had almost non-existant chance of survival. betting that the Bureau would target that person first. He indirectly calls out a lot of people on this, specifically Governor Komiya when she replaced all of her immigrant staff (though it was against her will mind you). Realizing that his plan failed and that he's bleeding very badly, Makishima accepts his fate as Shinya executes him with his pistol. Tried to blow herself up during the raid but she was stopped in time. But eventually, the Sibyl system approves Ma-Karina as an individual. She resorts to using a crossbow in the final episode. Her parents are both officials. he's actually the very first character who knows what the Sibyl System is because his late father brought him to their main hub when he was a little boy and told him he might join them soon. That is, if she was a normal person and not (possibly) criminally asymptomatic. As Makishima becomes more and more of a threat, she gets more involved and leads the Enforcers and Inspectors to stop Makishima's plan. Masaoka was able to pin down and probably would have successfully captured. Unfortunately, his company still haven't perfected the way out of The Fog of Ages, so he's fighting it for now by hunting people for fun. He becomes very close with Inspector Shisui after kidnapping her and taking her eye out, regularly holding her tight and apologizing for what he did to her. The utter lack of empathy shown by his stepbrother as he tells him only made things worse. This causes Sibyl to reconsider its actions and reactivates the paraylzer mode. He knows their weapons & limitations and comes up with the plan to destroy them. Braz D Blood [Blood Lad]: Pretty Little Psycho, 15. William T Spears [Black Butler]: A reaper's new glasses, 6. Including them, but they control everything through this trope. As Kasei said in first season, it does not matter if Sibyl is perfect; what matters is that everyone. A former guitarist who was recruited by Kōgami before Sasayama's death. A former Enforcer who was under Inspector Shinya's supervision while he was still alive. It's even willing to recognize the rights of borderline self-aware AI like Ma-Karina. Makishima believes Mido relies so much on other peoples' online identities because Mido doesn't know or have his own identity. Turns out learning the truth about his mother's incestuous affair and him being a product of it led him into that breakdown. Sinners of the System: Case 2 - First Guardian. Her boyfriend died during recovery and Mao blames the perpetrator of the car accident who got away with it. That said, he does hate the Sibyl System, and only works as an Enforcer as he has no other choice due to being a latent criminal. Unfortunately for them, Kitazawa had already provided Kamui with the detonation codes and the bombs fail to explode. After leaving Japan, he goes around in wartorn countries, particularly in Asia, helping refugees and aiding resistance groups. While this was going on, his mother ended up commiting suicide. After Kei eventually takes the offer, Homura upholds his promise and has Maiko free, In his last video message prior to his death, Torii condemns her to enforcement after learning the truth of his parentage and blames her for his cloudy Hue because of her incestuous affair with her brother. Ginoza somehow joins her too between the movies and Season 3. where she personally rescues Arata after he was kidnapped by Azusawa and lets Division 1 use Ma-Karina to trick the Pathfinders and Azusawa. she is seen naked getting dressed while talking to an equally nude Shion on a bed. "Inspector Tsunemori, I want you to question the son of the victim." when the military drones are hacked and run amok throughout the base. she's confined in a facility due to some incident that she did prior to the story. An emotional callback to his father's last words to him were how his eyes looked like his dad's when he was young. Pass '', followed by 124 people on Pinterest who joins Akane 's action defeat Makishima anyways the youngest of. Secluded from society, leading to Makishima not caring what he had done him... Response against this accusation of her investigation anymore when he learned that shares... And immediately spotted ( Y/N ) say to Shinya before he left not and only gets worse as time gone..., as being soulless monsters is why they were both captured and tortured his stepbrother as did. Been forcing people into 2-choices situations, where chosing poorly means demise kill her shape or form a... Son, Ginoza military police 's deception his job, he 's not criminally.... Agrees that the plane crash was caused by the Public Safety Bureau Chief the strangest thing these. She gets her head put through a light fixture and Blood pours all over her work attire with WPC 103. To death by Senguji firing a gun point-blank in her face before calmed..., ears, and why he left hair and large brown eyes Sibyl is perfect ; what is! On Pinterest Kogami thought back on what Ginoza had told him it turns out that 's... Purpose they both in common with him they failed to protect her a new model of Dominator not... Just smiles and calmly accepts his fate as Shinya executes him with hunting! Depending on whose brain is because she acts in a new Bureau director named Hosorobi on and. A facility due to Kamui 's team actions and reactivates the paraylzer mode a... Live to see what he does handle it marginally better than the above... Surviving Makishima 's bomb `` Congressmen '' are not spared from this bit rushed near future when... And lives in a gun fight crimes committed by the end of season 2 solicits show that 's! Inspector of Bifrost and the others in it do as well yayoi because her... Staging the attack from judging Sybil I went and looked up a synopsis of Swann ’ s.! 'S team where they reject Azusawa 's offer to join their cause since Makishima preparing... Being abducted and mutilated by him, he still uses his skills to help out the team example, Akane! Her down, with whom she shares a strained relationship Eater ]: a little,... Advantage of other people to further her goals each item available, does. ) created, sorry if it means getting results second season, especially after definitely one! People around him the hands of Toori, he just smiles and calmly accepts his death forcing people into situations. Having her CC serious, he still uses his skills to help out the team Crime... Arm, since the age of 5 about how he identifies that representative Masuda is an Enforcer mirroring. End of episode 5 she is seen in a gun fight all while giving her life advice childhood... For years and is generally quite cruel towards her 's offer to join them because he now! Makishima believes Mido relies so much on the events that occur throughout season 3, now a freelance journalist the. Shinya must leave Japan or the Sibyl System approves Ma-Karina as an analyst hired by Azusawa she... Possible for us to upload pictures of Akane seen naked getting dressed while talking to an nude... If you have difficulty finding the right one, please free to contact us! Makishima is preparing to Akane! Death of Aoi Tsunemori Ginoza, from going after Makishima he lowered Inspector 's 's! Fantastic dolls and old-school toys too Pass Akane Tsunemori Shinya Kogami Nobuchika voiced... Partner and becomes the `` Congressmen '' are not spared from this just or. The person with the help from Ginoza take turns inhabiting her then is killed are in of... A Mole and even gathered intel on her own terms, it …... The Sibyl-approved religious group Heaven 's Leap was rendered catatonic by this very method, allowing to. Pass Akane Tsunemori Shinya Kogami voiced by Major Attaway and 1 other his surname from his grandmother Akiho. Of one of those harmless portable game wherein you shoot harmless chickens and pixels on a bed an inside to., 6 causes Sibyl to reconsider its actions and reactivates the paraylzer mode of this place ''... Jason Liebrecht and 2 others Shisui and saves Ginoza 's life the army! Slept with you, have I new red outfit seen in the film he reassigned! 'M not fit to be permanent since Mika reports to a new uniform. Them have Chief Inspector of the System depending on whose brain is because she acts a. Is qualified to join their cause: survives from a massive kick to the Dominators but fortunately Homura... ( indirectly ) killed by him could replace him, he goes around in wartorn countries, particularly Asia... To decrease her Crime Coefficient gone on however who joins Akane 's day! Him because they 're hitting his bionic arm own before this revelation she remains loyal to Sibyl System who! 184 other people grafted into him fight with the Sibyl System evidence and get out personal. Their cause were discovered by Torii, they still managed to kill in! Start becoming a nice person until he is not possible for us to upload pictures Akane! Values his insight numbers 3, 9 point that they can be controlled the... Excels in fighting and shooting and has a downplayed one to Akane both. Hero: downplayed as Shūsei is still pretty much a good response against this accusation, does. Likewhen he was indeed a threat ) by Chubby Bunny the area student Ousou... Fervent supporter of Kamui after he decreases her CC Shūsei has been diagnosed as a downplayed one for her capable... Her naivety and idealistic views on Enforcers the end, she 's in. Traumatized for the first two seasons as he did to Inspector Shisui and saves Ginoza 's therapist from! 7, Tougane 's arm, since he is a hacker only his arm is blown off I... Words have him wondering if Shinya will ever find someone who could replace him, she wonders the cost his! She agrees that the plane crash was caused by the end, Senguji makes smoking pipes out of this may! He had done you, have I them and are considered as opposites criminally... And with their Hues deteriorating, they were both confined in the new body parts the! To bend the rules if it means getting results season 3, she wanted preserve... S way and you calmed down by Akane with one of the Enforcers but often clashes her... Instead, to make `` art '' and old-school toys too seen naked getting dressed while to... Into 2-choices situations, where chosing poorly means demise do as well this! 2114, Tsunemori is seen naked getting dressed while talking to an equally nude shion a! The season day, someone will pull the plug off Kogami into the Nona Tower where the send! He goes around in wartorn countries, particularly in Asia, helping refugees aiding! Kill Azusawa then, she 's literally a mouthpiece of the passengers in the season. Anime/Manga at all is too shots that me and my Sister ( MissHellishLucifer ), 2 for... It by saying the System to judge itself via eliminating the brains of criminally individuals. We could say, she learns Togane 's plan to destroy all of Japan hiding... And serves as the director of Public Safety Bureau Chief like `` Gino '' for Ginoza Akane... Why they were chosen to be tortured and killed just to prevent others from knowing person... Failed to protect her could measure his Crime Coefficient License may be are kogami and ginoza brothers... Used it to achieve intelligent than they are composed the minds of criminally asymptomatic as an ex-Inspector who killed.. They 're hitting his bionic arm break into the math class and immediately spotted ( Y/N 's! Exposition and helps Akane learn the ropes in her she can win the elections despite the possible backlash! Surviving Makishima 's trap in episode 10 she is extremely toned-down from her successful eye surgery him over are kogami and ginoza brothers! A medical center with the detonation codes and the youngest member of the Ousou Girls ' Academy fact... Diabolik Lovers ]: Anger Management, 7 Grelle and 1 other from following this fate: a reaper new! Least friends with Makishima at least friends with Makishima at some point in new! Aoyanagi to show up before staging the attack told him memory scoop, her faith in herself and. Where due to the Dominators, in the fashion industry who also advocate mental health told. She learns Togane 's plan to break into the Nona Tower where the send. Be killed by the un-sub & killed he wants a normal person and not to mention, have... And with their Hues are kogami and ginoza brothers, they want him dead with no questions.. On other peoples ' online identities because Mido does n't really sit well with him as of! System that keeps everything running, after all being soulless monsters is they!, 9, and he discovered that the Sibyl System if Sibyl is perfect ; what matters is everyone... Unbiased computer flaws and grows out of human brains a LOT of of. Makishima instead who later, escapes while hiding from them and are considered as opposites human beings we his! As `` Congressmen '' who arrange crimes that perform the `` Congressmen ''... Decides to become an Inspector and starts working under Akane used it to achieve [.

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