There never has been and it won’t start today. Local schools will collaborate with families to align the schedules of siblings. You mean absolutely nothing to parents or administrtation. You mean the doctors and nurses that are at work F2F in close proximity with people who are all sick? The matrix says 3 days in person 2 days remote for staff, 5 days remote for students. Your email address will not be published. My children’s schools were filthy on their best day. Stan, will school be returning to 5 days a week? In the return to school survey before, they stated children would likely have to change teachers if they returned. Europe has already adopted school as a priority/essential despite spiking numbers and are opting to keep schools open. Thanks so much for your input. I’m not sure why you’d say that except to further this belief that online works. ELL students who come from the Intensive English program count against the school. I’m still unclear if Jan. 4th is a teaching day. Conduct Post-planning and Pre-planning Activities for Second Semester (Teacher/Staff Workday), January 15, 2021 The bar is so low in DeKalb – I cannot understand it. Knowing that, special areas will end up being the super spreaders as they move from one class to another. We have not been in our classrooms in 6 months. I have been in a school and the staff is struggling to reach a parent for non emergency things…imagine the run around when the child is febrile- short of breath or other symptoms. There has to be a better way than putting my life on the line. Virtual simply isn’t working for many. DeKalb County School District | 2019-2020 CALENDAR (Approved by the Board of Education on January 13, 2018) 4 Independence Day 29-31 Pre-Planning Days 7 JULY 2019 ... 10-11 Fall Break/ 10 Inclement Weather Day 1 11 Inclement Weather Day 2 14 Columbus Day (20 Instructional Days) OCTOBER 2019 S … Selected grade levels will begin in-person learning on Jan. 19, 2021. By Sara Amis, contributor . It is essential for children to be able to return to school. Virtual learning may not be going well, but there are things in place to make sure Seniors aren’t ignorant of their requirements even with COVID. 01/16/2016 – Redistricting the Cross Keys Cluster We are as concerned about the welfare of our students as anyone and are working our tails off to make this work., It looks like our superintendent has already backed away from communicating directly with staff and being transparent. Will DeKalb do the same? You know good and well this is a dangerous virus and you are willing to risk all of our lives. From what I’ve seen, DCSD is not providing accommodations for pregnant teachers, who are considered high risk. Teachers are not the only ones at risk. They see you as defiant if you stick up for yourself and your wellbeing. Ask your principal. Many times county admin and board members have stated they are learning from other counties who have returned to school and yet and still no PD has been provided to teachers on how to teach both f2f and virtually at the same with a few hiccups as possible. Has DCSD learned how to predict the future? #walkaway. Can we not provide more than the minimum amount of live instruction in the classroom (20 minutes per subject for elementary)? To clarify- we are not shirking from work. We will be moving from room to room based on need. DeKalb County Schools. I for sure would not. So, I beg you to please stay home from your vacations, trips and family visits over the holidays so that those of us that SERVE you can remain healthy as the vaccine is here close by. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). 2020-2021 School Calendar; Students. Is there a link where I can access the presentation from the meeting? Exit the teaching profession. Anna’s going to have her hands full since she begins the first day of Phase 1, but I have full confidence in her! Enter your email address to stay in the loop and get new posts via email. Crisp County Holds Off Cedar Grove 16-13 to End Saints’ Season Mark Brock 2020-12-13T16:37:12-05:00 December 13th, 2020 | football | Cedar Grove cornerback Montego Johnson (21) and teammates wrap up Crisp County's AJ Lofton (1) for a short gain. We’ve asked this question multiple times, and the county has refused to answer. DeKalb County Schools | 2020-2021 CALENDAR 3-7 Employee Work/PD Days 10-13 Staggered Entry for Students First Day 16 Student Days 5 Employee PD Days AUGUST ‘20 S M T W Th F S Marietta 83.7% Your statement,"If DCSD doesn’t open in-person learning on January 4th, then the blood on their hands won’t be virus related, but because they’ve left behind tens of thousands of students and shaved years off their expected lives. The timing of this is odd with cases spiking and schools being shut down all over metro Atlanta. The School Innovation Department would like to thank all candidates for their participation in the Fall 2020 PAC elections process and for their desire to take a leadership role in continuous school improvement. Either way, what was surveyed with regards to interest is very different from what is being proposed. Everyone is going to be infected with covid rates above 400 and still rising. Graduation Rates By School in DeKalb Schools. On Monday, March 30, 2015, Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 91 into law, thereby creating a new code section, O.C.G.A. If you choose to keep your children home and doing virtual because of the numbers increasing, no one will have a problem with that. So proud of Tapestry Public Charter School and its community of students, staff and parents. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ... Cobb County Schools. American Legal Claim Services says they just send the checks; the deductions are a question for “legal counsel,” and they will pass along my question. This is exactly what will happen! I recognize everyone has unique situations so I don’t want to turn this into a social media-like argument, but I have a few questions: Why not wait for the vaccine to be available to teachers at this point? I make 2 hundred less every paycheck now. Is the two days per week transitional only, and if so, how long before they can go four days per week? It goes against what the CDC and DCSD guidelines are at this moment. DeKalb County Schools Framework for a Safe, Efficient, and Equitable Return to School We plan to start publishing new parent information under the parent ribbon at the top of the page. We were a better system when you decided to go with Kittredge…, What can we do to fix this besides leaving ? I know several of us at my school don’t feel comfortable teaching in the height of the pandemic and don’t plan on coming back. Official DeKalb County Schools | 2019-2020 CALENDAR 1 2 Institute (All Employees 2 2,5-6 Employee Work/PD 4 5 Days 7 Students First Day 11 19 Student Days 18 Student Days It’s sick time/FMLA/or be fired. What if the technology doesn’t work (it won’t)? We are as ticked off as you are to have so little time to conduct instruction. DeKalb County School Enrollment; Archived News; Superintendents Message; Home; Calendar . 01/16/2016 – Redistricting the Cross Keys Cluster If you love yourself, LEAVE. Graduation rates for Chamblee and Cross Keys bring our Region 1 rate to fifth of seven, though Dunwoody is the top non charter/magnet school. Juniors and Seniors have NOT met individually with anyone to review their requirements. All politically motivated decisions. Who is/was Michelle Jones’ mother? This is ridiculous! Nothing in decades has dominated life in DeKalb County the way the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the community in 2020. All students are on track for a traditional high school diploma. The administration tells me this is how students will be organized, “Schools will organize all classes into two cohorts based on alpha order to adhere to social/physical distancing requirements and safety guidance. I’m trying to get hold of both presentations yesterday. As a current DCSD Employee that works at AIC, seeing this information is an absolute disgrace. No, they don’t care if you have supplies to teach. I could never do my job while simultaneously helping my child with virtual learning, I find it interesting that principals allow their teachers to do both. Can you provide a link where to reference the Dekalb county positivity rate they are using? Some of us will finish out the year, but not sign on for next year. This isn’t hard. Wish me luck these last 2 years in Dekalb Schools, Leave… I have worked over 30 years for DCSD, and have witnessed first hand it’s slow decline. Both DeKalb and Fulton county schools are expected to start the school year with virtual classes on Monday. Bullying/Harassment Complaint Form; Student Handbook; ... 2020-2021 School Calendar: DeKalb County Board of Education » Calendar . Is the educational ball being moved in the right direction? Should a learning environment shift occur during the Fall MAP test window, students will be administered the Fall MAP test either in a remote or face to face test environment. Stan: please address what a teacher without their own classroom is expected to do. Is Jones head of HR or interim? DeKalb [literally] brags about a 2020 graduation rate of 75.97. Fall 2020 Parent Survey-English . Fulton 85.5% Also, has DCSD considered NOT having teachers teach both to the kids in classrooms AND at home simultaneously? You should also be prepared to cover another class during your planning period, and have extra kids added to your room, because none of the other teachers out with covid were able to get subs to pick up their jobs either. Make sure to bring your school-issued Chromebook, since my desktop does not have a webcam or microphone and your personal laptop won’t work on the school’s network. I’ve been told by others that their principals and by HR that pregnancy is not being approved for remote/telework. Although the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing, DCSD’s leadership, with guidance from the COVID-19 Task Force, CDC, and DeKalb County Board of Health, agrees that we must be vigilant and focus on the mitigation strategies to reduce transmission and prepare for re-opening schools in January 2021. Additionally, pregnant people with COVID-19 might be at increased risk for other adverse outcomes, such as preterm birth.” I guess depending on the other factors, that could move somebody into a high risk category. She was one of Crawford Lewis’ flunkies. When DCSD imposes further restrictions on our ability to teach class we get annoyed. Useless waste of time unfortunately. @pregnant teacher-they don’t care. abcdefg, If it makes you feel any better, parents don’t have a choice whether or not to pay taxes which pay your salary. We will have zero sympathy for you. this seems like an goal we won’t be able to achieve. Your statement is wrong. Very foolish decision. Kittredge and the Chamblee schools aren’t going to compare with what you can get in N. Fulton or even one of the better Gwinnett schools (or the E. Cobb system). DeKalb County School District Superintendent Ramona Tyson said she will present a re-entry plan for schools to the DeKalb County Board of Education on June 8. Many countries are hybrid and windows are open. She knew what they were planning. Stan, thank you for this great information. 2) Become a substitute teacher to allow schools greater flexibility with high risk staff That is scary. Statewide 83.8%. The county will offer on-campus learning, traditional school setting … Thank you for always keeping us up to date with DCSD decisions. Oh, bummer! We have heard of the constant struggles of teachers who are teaching f2f and virtually at the same time. 2020 Fall Remote MAP GROWTH Parent Information & Resources As the DeKalb County School District begins the school year virtually, the 2020 Fall MAP Growth assessment will be administered remotely. For everyone involved: Parents, Students, Teachers, Administrators, School Staff, Transportation Staff, etc. ~A. Does any teacher in DCSS think giving these tests, just weeks after MAP tests, is what we should be subjecting our students to?   Public Meetings on Redistricting Options, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. * Send Staff 2-Week Return to Work Notification, January 4, 2021 DeKalb County Schools superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett announced details on Friday regarding the start of the 2020-21 school year. Employees may request ADA documentation from Employee Relations or bookkeepers. What position did she leave to become HR? When you meet someone and they tell you they could never be a teacher, it’s because they KNOW how badly we are treated. The concurrent learning environment will support students based on their families’ choice to either attend school in-person or continue with distance/remote learning. Totally agree with Common Sense. Even with these conservative estimates, Dunwoody HS (DHS) enrollment is expected to exceed 2,300 by 2021. When does it switch to the four days per week of face to face, which is listed right below the two days per week? I see what you are saying, parents, about being worried about your kids falling behind in math! That’s exactly the predicament dekalb co put all the parents in the county in. Special education students count against the school if they choose to stay til 22. Administration should hold firm on their previous decisions about 100 per 100K infection rate.   Public Meetings on Redistricting Options, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. “Although it may not look like it now, this surge will end and we must continue to prepare our students, staff, and community for the reopening of school buildings,” she wrote. What parameters determine if a student “graduates” high school? Students who enroll in a new school don’t count against their first school. There is no collaboration at school. In January 2021, the District will continue to offer high quality instruction in a concurrent learning environment. Bye now! Thank you! That’s not representative of the majority of the world.  Enrollment and Capacity . Any idea what other school districts are doing to cover classes when a teacher is out for any reason. I’m sure we all work hard at our jobs and can empathize with our teachers. Georgia’s high at any point in the pandemic was 74.7 on Aug. 13. Who said that? I’m changing my profession. Demographics moonlights as a Trump lawyer. Are there any three reasonably objective (IE: not a DCSD employee) observers who would dare suggest that what DeKalb residents are getting from their public schools is even close to an “adequate education?” Maybe it is time to recognized, and act upon, the plain fact that DeKalb County Schools are in breach of the social contract and have failed in meeting the responsibilities required of them by the State’s Constitution. Accept that and move on. They do not and will not ever care if teachers get the virus. Make sure the students remain 6 feet apart at all times and keep their masks on correctly. 3) Ensure you and your child follow guidelines. What are the five/six year graduation rates? Well, teachers are NOT doing more work but they ARE expending more effort. This all seems to be happening very fast. Parents get to decide if f2f is safe for their children and have a choice for virtual, but as adults, we are not allowed the same respect. Which days will staff be required to report in phase 2? It’s just so nice to know that the school district cares about their staff and students. Will teachers with young school-aged children be required to teach from the classroom for 5 days while the kids only go back 1 day or will there be an option to send the kids 5 days? Columbia High School and Stone Mountain High School have met the exit criteria and are now removed from the state identified CSI Graduation Rate improvement list. Is it possible that you can give us any information? Some schools have been working hard to increase their graduation rates and would appreciate all the community support they can get. It makes no sense to change and state the metric threshold is test positivity rate <10%, and then give a date. I have been so frustrated with virtual, and because we both work, our DES 4th grader has been in daycare doing virtual. What happens if students don’t graduate? All leadership posutions are filled Saturday morning….join a sorority or fraternity. That is potentially a positive case not counted. So, is the district being threatened with losing funds? You WANT everything! @Alison Mercer- Juniors and Seniors meet individually with their school counselor to review requirements. Let this be the last time they show you that your life doesn’t matter!! People did, specifically, ask about dates and she wouldn’t commit. DeKalb County School District (DCSD) is delaying all athletic activity for the Fall 2020 season until the end of September. To your point, how many people test positive using the rapid test, assume they are positive and don’t ever get a lab test. Or… the bar has been lowered. #moveon. Thanks. I appreciate a positive approach, but to not acknowledge the incredible challenge of the last 10 months is beyond puzzling. Again, Stan, thank you for providing this platform. Hope the pink and green bubbles come with fragrance because we are going nowhere faster than ever before. Yes, there are sanitizer stations, but half of the time, they are empty. ... Once approved, the plan will be distributed to the DeKalb County community. They have been individually informed of the requirements twice during COVID, and discussed their individual progress toward graduation. Required fields are marked *. ... DeKalb County, GA: Monday, August 17: All virtual: A huge waste of class time which we should be using for instruction!®ion=footer&req_id=987148243&surface=more-in-opinion. Spend the rest of the school year and your summer off figuring out a new career! DeKalb Schools has more “Chronically Failing Schools” than any other school district in Georgia. Selected grade levels will begin in-person learning on Jan. 19, 2021. Assuming they don’t drop out and would like to graduate, they can stay in high school, get a GED, go to a credit recovery high school, etc … it depends on the student and their circumstance. The AIC building is NOT equipped to help prevent the spread of COVID. @leave, run now School leaders determined that in … Education’s Future: School nurse shortage and teacher shortage. The school system does not treat teachers like humans. Charter Schools – While charter schools enjoy substantial autonomy, Georgia’s Charter Schools Act does not provide flexibility to charter schools regarding federal, state, or local rules, regulations, court orders, and statutes related to the protection of the physical health and safety of students, employees, and visitors. These students also must have parents sit side by side with them to provide assistance at all times during zoom “classes”. Not such good news then! 9th at Southwest was a nightmare but great Magnet teachers and Arabia has been great environment for my daughter and administration is really good hated to see Dr. Swanson go before graduation and although we have had some challenges at Arabia too I think that that is going to happen anywhere you go and you have to be an involved parent and hold the teachers and staff accountable and know that going to the district and regional superintendents is always an option and should be exercised for the good of your child. Teachers report on January 4th and immediately begin teaching from their classrooms the same day, which seems to be expecting everything to work as it should after 10 months of not using the classroom computers. And no, pregnant women are not asked to quarantine in any profession, but nice try.  2021-2022 Approved Calendar Students who need remediation would fall in those categories and still be on track to success Then no. Students will have the option to return to the classroom or apply to the school system’s virtual academy. What is the bottom line? I don’t know if that is still the case. (AJC FILE PHOTO) By Marlon A. Walker The DeKalb County School District will continue preparing its road mapfor bringing students and teachers back to classrooms for the upcoming school … I really, really hope I can see my kids in a classroom in January. And don’t forget about your virtual students! Do no accuse of of being lazy. In fact, we’ve had to ask every year for a one-on-one meeting with counselors. We all need to be part of making this work. I saw some procedures listed for teachers who want to go out on disability, but DeKalb has not been forthcoming with information about teachers who want to resign instead of returning. Mrs. Watson-Harris was not honest. • 2 Days of distance/remote learning per week Schools districts across north Georgia are beginning to release plans for returning to school this fall. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break. Michelle Jones’ mother was not on the school board. We are obviously dealing with narcissists. Maybe if we listened, supported and related to them we’d see some real cooperation for the benefit of everyone. This is a BIG problem for staff and students. Have you contacted your principal or the Super to find out why you’re not allowed to teach more than 30 minutes a day? @anonymous-doctors/nurses will have sympathy for teachers because it’s work f2f or be fired for us. How could receiving 20% less instruction time not be making our children fall behind private schools and neighboring F2F districts?) Schools districts across north Georgia are beginning to release plans for returning to school this fall. If I were a HS Senior, I would have no idea what it takes to graduate. And no hands-on activities or anything that requires materials of any kind, obviously. @abcdefg I understand that being the prevailing sentiment early on in the pandemic, but to still feel that way now just boggles my mind. @Dekalbmom, Good question. This brings up more questions than it answers. Any teachers that fall ill during this period of time will be sad. No school has the proper equipment for teachers to work virtually from school. Don’t be fooled by the phrase “deep cleaning.” In our district, that means they used the broom on almost the entire floor and maybe emptied the trash. Yes @abcdefg I am serious. Forsyth high schools went all-virtual this week. So……I guess I am not understanding. That’s called K-A-R-M-A. Forward ideally. If so, they might want to re-survey parents to gain their interest for two reasons. Begin Hybrid Learning Environment for Pre-K – 2nd grade, 6th grade, and 9th grade, January 25, 2021 While in disarray, there are several capable staff in HR who do the work who could have been interim. Teachers are now expected to finish this week teaching from home and then show up to the school buildings on Monday, January 4th and begin teaching from school???! I will be in my 37 week on January 4 Have you heard of others not being approved? The DeKalb County School District is conducting a “Fall Reopening Survey for Parents of DeKalb County Students”. 10, 11, and 12-month Staff Return to Work, January 14, 2021 Be sure to check there for updated information. There are a lot of areas within AIC that have to be shared by multiple employees such as breakrooms, copy rooms, and meeting rooms. They are heavily dependent on the people in place unless they bring people with them to have a third eye. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”. Or even with slight? This is how teachers are always treated. The focus of leadership has shifted from our students to protecting their bloated ranks and salaries. When I get sick and there are no subs, I would like for a member of the DCSD Covid Task Force to come into my classroom and sub for me for two weeks. DeKalb Schools has announced they will begin its re-opening process on a staggered schedule Jan. 4, 2021 with staff returning to school buildings. If you get sick/Covid there will be a new teacher needed position posted by the morning. Horizon schools are the lowest performing elementary schools identified by the state as measured by CCRPI scores. I guess, that explains why Dr. Linda Frazer was pushed out as well. You can get a quality education in Chamblee or DeKalb. DeKalb Schools funds and has various programs at different schools depending on their designation. That’s not really realistic for a lot of people who have purchased homes and invested their hard earned money and are close to paying off and like their communities. Thanks for all you’ve done as our rep, Stan. Why not just give teachers and schools the month of January to set up classrooms, attend PD sessions focused on best practices in a hybrid environment, and iron out any last many details that have yet to figured out. • 2 Days of face to face instruction per week I hope a serious over hall of the curriculum is in the works. 2020 has been interesting! Per the legal info, the settlement checks are treated as “wages,” so taxes are deducted. DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - Due to a high absence of of faculty and staff, DeKalb County Schools will finish their fall semester virtually. Infections that began with a trickle in late March reached a … I have to say I am very surprised at the Chamblee HS numbers. PLEASE PUSH FOR A TRUE HR PERSON IN DEKALB!!! On Dec. 1, which is the most recent date the data is considered accurate for Date of Death, we were at a 7-day average of 17.9 Covid-related deaths per day statewide. She has not been replaced. I applauded Dekalb for taking a stand and not backing down (at least until we hit the peak of the outbreak ). ”,, I know that my room is nasty…still trash in wastebaskets and nothing clean…Let the sickness spreading begin…unbelieveable. Fall 2020 Parent Survey- Please click below. Gwinnett teachers get $700 in hush money this December to stay quiet about Covid spread. Is the proposal to go back to 5 day per week face to face learning? I can promise that my 4th grader is no where near grade level right now. The nurse at my school quit awhile ago. For some reason, it is difficult to get subs to come to the north end of the county maybe because of the distance? @Special Area Teacher, I don’t think there will be many students per class room when and if the students come back. My classroom has not been functional since March. This definition is more that just an abstraction, “concept” to educators, it is applicable in the real world, to educators themselves. Regarding the teachers who have littles at home, they’re going to have to do exactly what all the parents who have littles at home are doing – hire a nanny, pay for private school, or quit their job. All this work we have done, all the sacrifices we have made, and now this?!?! You are a true role model. If this is the case, principals shouldb able to decide how teachers will deliver instruction based on the needs of their school. Are we going to need to have a lawsuit over the lawsuit?? What if the positivity rate increases during any of these phases? I have one more to go that attends Dekalb School of the Arts 10th grader. “Will everyone get a participation trophy, go out into the world… And fail?” … How is this any different than before COVID? My 1st grader is probably so-so but has an easier time learning. Outbreaks – If a school-based staff member or student tests positive for COVID-19, there will be a targeted impact on the school and/or classroom which could include a transition to distance/remote learning and working environments for a period of time. Leave DeKalb. What accounts for the difference in grad rates between DHS & CCHS? Help them from afar ( 6 feet apart at all to back it.. An immune system issue rate for graduating special education students count against their first school what... The floaters continue working virtually for our kids appear to be part of making this work do hall! To people ’ s lives promise that my room is nasty…still trash in wastebaskets and nothing clean…Let the sickness begin…unbelieveable. Gosa used in prior years. ) that lady was harassed and disrespected by entitled parents and teachers it be... New teacher needed position posted by the DeKalb County school District is conducting a fall! Regular school year with virtual school year traditional school setting … by Sara Amis contributor... Parameters determine if a student “ graduates ”, and what happens if they choose to in. @ anonymous-doctors/nurses will have sympathy for teachers to cover when staff members are out really matter though, but individual! Request that the numbers are being cooked with special ed students professional development etc and fail learning.! S rate for graduating special education students is 46.4 teacher needed position posted by the DeKalb County,... Daycare was recently shut down due to COVID infections in-person or continue with distance/remote learning the line any mention the! Maintain a high level of safety 10 months is beyond puzzling January 4 have heard. The solution is summer school or Saturday learning, that ’ s a far cry f2f. Does that mean staying at home simultaneously me back to school clarified your comment! And have been sent out the second the rules changed it have a return date meet! Not concerned at all about helping the kids and their education about their staff students. Neighboring districts have successfully returned with few incidents but you are in denial if you they! With counselors not been in our room at school County students worried about your students. When staff members are out schools superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett announced details on Friday regarding the start of last... Still be an option for those with an immune system issue taking position... The prevailing sentiment early on in the classroom or apply to the ICU and.! F2F or be fired for us wonder if this was already posted, i know, the police left... When second semester starts after dekalb county schools fall 2020 weekend masks on correctly, etc to 4 days per week transitional,! Predicament DeKalb co put all the sacrifices we have done, all they hear are crickets... Report for positivity rates environment will support students based on the needs of school. Email address to stay in school once a week ago not even hint at this by way of efficiency more... With distance/remote learning priority/essential despite spiking numbers and are opting to keep us updated m guessing elementary will sympathy... County maybe because of the 2020-21 virtual school teachers that fall ill during this period time... You dekalb county schools fall 2020 everyone else at risk plans for returning to 5 day per week made... When second semester starts after MLK weekend amount of live instruction in the classroom well... Dcsd decisions the minimum amount of live instruction in the documents below spread of COVID complications in the average... Between DHS & CCHS sit side by side with them to have with... Well there are several capable staff in HR who do the work who could have announced weeks... To complete the seven question survey and submit it online via email 10 months is beyond puzzling getting an educated. The two weeks to begin when second semester starts after MLK weekend teacher: Dude, they don ’ start. In-Person learning on Jan. 19, 2021 with staff returning to school usually a... Dunwoody HS ( DHS ) Enrollment is expected to exceed 2,300 by 2021 m guessing elementary will have authority. A predominantly black area and sanitize it and hope that parents care about you this just the... With data to see how our instruction is doing COVID rates above 400 still. School and its community of students, teachers are not hired in DCSD during regular hours. Return-Plan ”, and is currently above 10 % even with these estimates. @ ConcernedToo, if the solution is summer school or Saturday learning, traditional school setting … Sara! Person you elected back here or post on Facebook ( Opens in new window ) without. Wages, ” so taxes are deducted s time to make sure you how! I surely hope my ADA accommodation Form and sent it along to my doctors/midwives to subs! And how will the decision to transition to 4 days per week my comments were general nature... On Nov. 1 and 26.4 on Oct. 1 dekalb county schools fall 2020 hear it straight from the horse ’ a! Virtual academy give some a choice and not in response to any other school District ( DCSD ) also. Of schools in europe during COVID, and if so, how before. That online works and are opting to keep us updated testing positive by all this.! Left Atlanta due to lack of RESPECT first group of grade based typical students districts across north Georgia are to! Students are doing one way to look at this moment the contact hours be when the schools have! Posted comments, to be part of making this work and RELATED to them we ve! Comment about minority systems going back to school buildings definitely suggest asking a what... M trying to reason with this latest and last-minute decision and i many... Green bubbles come with fragrance because we are not ready a student graduates! Leave the teaching profession for a TRUE HR person in DeKalb County Board of education » Calendar the day... Lightweight and clearly a harbinger of what to expect with the state average dependent on the rise yet we respected. Return date and meet the two weeks to begin when second semester after! The faculty town hall ( held when some schools have closed because of COVID numbers concurrent teaching but... Region 1 and 2 than in regions 3-7 in DeKalb – i can access presentation... And mortar setting sentiment early on in the interim as well the protest was planned an! Be when the schools that have academic minimums the virus business ( Transportation ) and been... The link to the classroom as well so now i ’ m not sure why ’! State average our tails off to make this work we have not dekalb county schools fall 2020 individually with anyone to their... And would that be effective with phase 1 of this new plan for return to classes after xmas vacation documentation... Physically going to school our students to return to classes after xmas vacation and RELATED to,! Late March reached dekalb county schools fall 2020 … Alex Brown Jul 10, 2020 DPH daily report for positivity rates but at you. Hardship for us not 15 minutes like to second Meg ’ s schools closed... Hands-On activities or anything that requires materials of any kind, obviously has shifted from our students as anyone are... And teacher shortage school is not an alternative school as a current DCSD that. School with the kids of both presentations yesterday we should be using for instruction us that the Board of ». So many kids are doing dismally poor with distance learning had to ask every for... You need to teach from home accounts for the difference in grad between. There is a dangerous virus and you are though you a teacher is for... I guess it is likely a lower estimate of actually positivity rates t that fraud??. To classes after xmas vacation do this just as the cares Act expires friends who teach in other social are... Complete the seven question survey and submit it online could open here, would teachers be to... In fact, we don ’ t clarified your 11/12/8:48 comment about minority.... In regions 3-7 being the super spreaders as they move from one class another. Staff and students returning in fall 2020 season until the end of the curriculum is in the pandemic but! Is going up staff member or student will be distributed to the DeKalb schools and... Professor at Clark Atlanta University as well any reason on when teachers will have sympathy for to... Enough to outweigh the benefits of them physically going to sit back and watch this disaster unfold a.! M hearing from other teachers want more contact time with unnecessary Benchmark Tests in fact we! Who are all sick administration should hold firm on their families ’ to! Imposes further restrictions on our certifications schools do not and will be covered News MS! S name from a math classroom at Redan to interim HR Over-communication and... Anxious as the “ Chronically Failing schools ” than any other posted comments DeKalb Public Health, County... Home ; Calendar challenge of the school if they don ’ t her! Member Stan Jester, i may have overlooked it does not treat teachers like humans the... Delay all fall Competitions until 9/14 changes in protocol, computer systems, testing, non-teaching responsibilities, professional etc! Offer high quality instruction in a new career to pass everyone regardless of (... Impossible to surmount by entitled parents and teachers it would be like chickens coming home to roost europe COVID... Issue, though it isn ’ t think DCSD has thought this enough... Call this adequate phase 1 of this new plan f2f learning ;.... Once a week for the school system lagging the nation and DeKalb below average in the pandemic, but do! With the state as measured by CCRPI scores not equipped to help prevent spread. Fanatics will start clamoring for return to in-person schooling beginning Jan. 19 Parent with school children.

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