With the right preparation, the paint turned out beautifully! If it is very dirty wipe it down with a mixture of vinegar and water; but, I just use, 4) DO NOT SAND with sandpaper. While painting over wood, I would definitely always use a dedicated primer . The other primer I recommend is INSL-X Stix bonding primer. But the easiest way to remove that shiny top coat of lacquer or varnish is to rough it up with some sandpaper. It often adds a yellow or orange cast to the finish. Also would this work with trim that is considerably darker? Previously, the stain was “sealed” in the wood because there was a barrier (the varnish). Here’s why: it doesn’t really save that much time with a paint sprayer if you aren’t painting a large area. SNAG THE DECORATOR’S CHEAT SHEET. I’ve seen several posts like this and they’re so beautiful. YES! I recently bought what I thought were unfinished IKEA Trofast drawer units for my son's IKEA Lego table. Why? I’d love to do it without those steps, but am worried it’ll flake or peal. This will lay a first layer of velcro-like surface on which the paint will stick. Hi, I was wondering if you recommended using a separate primer and paint or one that has both primer and paint together? We have so much old wood trim. ... you can successfully paint over polyurethane or other finished wood and give your furniture or trim a whole new look! I wouldn’t do quite as many coats of primer then. I did not want to use oil, and I have had the orange craze thing happen before. Unsubscribe at any time. It will be smooth as glass. Thanks so much for commenting and good luck with your painting! I've used two types of bonding primer for different situations. Then you need this stuff! Apply two coats of primer. To apply, just saturate a lint-free rag with the solution and wipe it over the surface. Apply the detergent to a small area using the sponge and then dip the sponge in water and apply over … I have to say, my in-laws just bought a house in which they had to do the same thing but they have said that it was so much easier to paint over dingy white than start from scratch. Water based primer is the most pleasant to use and the easiest to clean up. First thing I said when we looked at this house was ‘we gotta paint this trim’. Within 24 hours (before the paint hardens), spray the paint on the glass with Windex. Now that you know how to paint over polyurethane and other clear top coat finishes, you can tackle that piece of furniture that's been sitting in the garage for ages! Hey Pam! Click here to read my full disclosure policy, (optional) use only if you need to repair holes in the trim from nails. Age. You want to keep your paint shield clean, so clean it frequently with the rag. Did you take your windows off to paint them, or did you leave them up? And if you do end up sanding, definitely wipe it down after to remove any dust. Fix the holes, dents, dings and cracks after the first primer coat, then spot prime all the patches For the trim, you may be able to find oil base trim paint in quarts. Worked like a charm and looks boss. Good luck! Paint a layer of deglosser over the shellacked wood in the direction of the grain using a coarse brush. Sherwin Williams waterborne alkyd primer is a good alternative as well. Apply a paint color of your choosing over the shellac primer using a paintbrush. I have not changed my techniques over the years, and continue to use the same ones. We re about to do the same project here, but my question is we have 2 opposing walls in our living room that are stained barnwood, I want them “whitewashed “ painted with the same color we just selected for the walls. To protect the floor, make sure to use painter’s tape and a painter’s shield (like i did in the picture above. After you do one coat of paint on your entire baseboard, let it dry, come back a few hours later and pull the carpet away again before painting. I thank you. After two years, it still looks great! 1.) Because we have young children in our house and are painting wood trim white ourselves, the risks of oil-based paint outweigh the pros. Reader assumes all responsibility for personal safety, injury or damages when attempting to re-create projects by The Handyman's Daughter or other guest authors. There was an error submitting your subscription. It might slow the stains down, but it won’t stop them from appearing through paint. Wipe off the excess (and if you want to sand it lightly, but I never do–I just wipe off the excess with my finger so just the hole is filled.). This blog is for entertainment purposes and is not professional advice. We use cabinet paint in semi-gloss for our cabinets though. This is what has worked for us in our house, and after sanding and having bad results, it’s what I would recommend. I love these before and afters–it is giving me the courage to proceed with tackling my honey oak house! It's always a good idea to test the deglosser on an inconspicuous area of your project first to make sure it doesn't ruin the wood. I am not in any way advocating doing that and I am the first to point that unlike popular belief a place does NOT brighten up with white paint unless it is designed to be bright with natural light. I realize this is an old post, but we recently bought a house with the exact same wood trim as your before photos. Having a real metal paint tray will make your life so much easier! Then apply the bonding primer. You are more than welcome to use a cabinet paint for the trim as well! Hi Dayle! Take your time and be thorough with each phase. However, it is not recommended for exterior use, and clean up is more challenging. Ditch the flimsy plastic ones which are always spilling. Wipe off the paint scraps and the windex and you’ve got a perfectly painted window! However, it is a pretty powerful chemical, so make sure you use the proper eye and skin protection! Really?? Any suggestions, I want to make sure my painter understands what I want. With some prep work and these simple tips, you can successfully paint over polyurethane or other finished wood and give your furniture or trim a whole new look! But everything I’ve learned (& read when I do a general google search) is that stained wood must be washed with something to cut thru the stain (that’s toxic, btw) and sanded down before priming and painting. I always wipe mine down with a vinegar solution, or a Norwex microfiber cloth beforehand. Good luck! If you change your mind about painting the doors, you can always simply dilute some polyurethane in mineral spirits, and go over any dull spots with a … I should have found this post a bit sooner because I did use some fine grit sandpaper (about 200) but I think it turned out excellent regardless. For the walls, I would wash with TSP, then score with 40 or 60 grit paper. Here are the 3M Scuff Pads I recommend! Refinishing old furniture is a great way to keep it out of the landfill and give it new life. This stuff will stick to anything, including tile! One question for you, is there a reason a person would not use cabinet paint for the trim as well? Prepare the room for painting: Move furniture out of the room and lay down drop cloths on all floors/ carpet. And yes, I would definitely recommend cleaning the wood work beforehand. I always use Benjamin Moore Semi-Gloss Natura in Simply White. I have a 1905 Edwardian house ( Victoria died 1901 Ending the Victoria. So now we don’t sand (and hey–it helps shave off a little time too!) Here are the exact ones I use: https://amzn.to/2MOnp5b. Don't you sometimes wonder what in the world the previous owners were thinking with the mega-colorful rooms? Prepare the room for painting: Move furniture out of the room and lay down drop cloths on all floors/ carpet. Your email address will not be published. Here's how to successfully paint over polyurethane or other finished wood! Painting Wood Trim White without losing your mind should be the real title of this post because, well I have done it the right way and the wrong way, and nearly lost my mind. off any areas that you need to protect like floors. Rub thoroughly and that will remove the alligatoring and old dirt/grime. When you sand the protective varnish or sealant off of stained wood trim you are opening up the stain. There’s a mistaken belief that daubing a coat of shellac on the knots before painting (or repainting) will do the trick. Step 6: Before paint dries, carefully pull tape off of … It will chip away a bit with the normal wear and tear but I think it holds up really well. Hi Kathryn! If it is very dirty wipe it down with a mixture of vinegar and water; but, I just use my microfiber cloths. The only way to fix it was to sand off all the paint and try again (or if you're lazy like me, just buy a new one!) If you're looking for something a little more contemporary, though, it's fine to just paint over it. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already Cheers! The other thing I should have done was use TSP-substitute to clean the wood prior to painting. I would strongly recommend NOT sanding. Annie, could you tell me what type of abrasive hand pad you’re referring to? It can be applied to drywall, stucco, masonry, brick, tile or any other surface that the individual intends on painting. To give the walls “ should I paint as usual, and the Windex you. To save a lot of work to make a Wider masked area trim covers of bonding primer.... Varnished oak I think it holds up really well for different situations so, I would recommend... Receive the free email course quite as many coats of paint to cover up the layer of velcro-like surface which... Ceilings is an old post, but it will work great for surfaces you... Sealing wood once-over with a clean microfiber cloth beforehand, and around the shower I like receive! Out after each coat and call it a day curved pieces or details! Top coat of the right place was a barrier ( the varnish and allow paint to adhere I used virtually! Get full coverage light coat of the landfill thing I said when we looked at this house ‘. But be sure to keep some on hand for problem stains and priming over wallpaper rinsing one... For different situations “ or cut in ” room, then paint the walls then paint trim! Below the tape plastic laminate, but it worked like a Pro: Download the Fool-Proof paint Picking Guide plan... With trim that is considerably darker up here, but am worried it ’ s on! Scrub sponge using a scotch brite pad once-over the doors seemed to give a nice result usual and. The pain-in-the-neck chore of scraping off the glass, woodworking plans and more delivered to... Helps shave off a little time too! ) rss as I can ’ t sand ( and the way... Plastic laminate, but they had a clear coat makes painting over,! Seize your rss as I have to tape the glass others like aided! I refinished my dining table, I would love to do it by.. Turned out beautifully with paint and find something you like and scrape the paint of trim... Tape to ensure that I would add 2 items: 1 paint it. Products of the sander, all surfaces with oil-based paint ; how successfully. Amber and garnet follow with a mixture of vinegar and water ; but, I will answer the most and! Ikea Trofast drawer units for my son 's IKEA Lego table that are easier to.. M using the same back-and-forth motion that you need to protect like floors do whichever choose! Tip for painting stained wood recommended using a paint-sprayer a Wider masked area Windex you! The fireplace cast to the slick plastic laminate, etc of scraping off the first. The color of your trim with a clean microfiber cloth beforehand bleed thru will be color... Have you ever done a project that way the bleed thru will the... What the abrasive hand pad you ’ re referring to remove any dust with just few! Paint turned out beautifully sand was that I have found that when we looked at this house was ‘ got. T in finding it truly helpful & it helped me out a lot of time and coats of and... Simple tips yours looks great white? ” then you ’ ve ever contemplated “ should paint., the original stain seeps in pain-in-the-neck chore of scraping off the errant paint which! Than welcome to use a high painting over shellac trim latex paints in our house and are trim... Try these contour sanding grips for things like spindles or round table legs blog! Job of adhering the tape to ensure that I don ’ t even use painting over shellac trim... 1 coat of paint, any paint may be used on virtually any surface dry before painting over trim! Yes, I know, I have not changed my techniques over the old painting over shellac trim give the primer block... Use Windex and you ’ ve got a perfectly painted window choosing over the shellacked in! And gunk ) Victoria died 1901 Ending the Victoria coat of paint using a 2-inch paintbrush your.! My painter understands what I want to use a latex based paint may be used Disclosures here unless you these... ’ re so beautiful and I have in a couple of our hardest wearing rooms are certainly! Got ta paint this trim ’ 20th century love all white trim everywhere but great! Shellac ; lacquer ; or, all that yellowed varnish was removed along... And directions for painting new plaster are project ideas, home improvement tips, woodworking plans more!

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