The familiar, soothing aroma of birch oil is reminiscent of the inside of a doctor’s bag on the day of house calls. Birch tar oil is an effective repellent of gastropods. Birch’s strong scent will … Anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritis: The healing power of Birch can reduce the swelling caused by the excretion of edema in the body. Birch Essential Oil Benefits and Uses Clears up Skin Infections. Soothes muscles and joints: You can apply birch topically with a fractionated coconut oil for best results. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Birch Essential Oil. Questions? Use up to 5-8 drops in your diffuser. Finding the best Birch essential oil can be challenging, so we’ve picked out three great options with varying uses below. Birch bark is used extensively as a flavouring agent in toothpaste, chewing gum and root beer. Birch ESSENTIAL OIL If you’re looking to add bird essential oil to your aromatherapy collection, The Essential Life recommends purchasing birch essential oil from our affiliates on Amazon. Birch essential oil is extracted from the pulverized bark of the birch tree by using steam distillation methods. For years, Birch has been used as a skin care product. post surgery. It is useful in skin care products, helping to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin by tightening pores, while keeping the skin clean and pure. The said oil is filled with numerous methyl salicylates that make it remarkable for its healing properties. This means it has lots of amazing health benefits. It has amazing pain-relieving properties that are appreciated by those who suffer from joint and muscle pain and other ailments. Fight fungal and bacterial infections. There are a lot of possible health benefits from using sweet birch essential oil. Side Effects of Birch essential oil It is similar to sweet birch, which is commonly found in the Pennsylvanian mountains. White birch oil is generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing but should be avoided during pregnancy due to possible irritation occurring. The health benefits and uses of birch EO include: pregnant. Some of birch essential oil benefits are as below: Health Benefits of Birch Essential Oil 1. Birch Essential Oil is rich in Methyl salicylates and Salicylic Acid that help promote comfort and relaxation, and support the body's own ability to boost effectiveness of it's healing cycles.Birch Oil is often added to lotions, massage oils and body salves for soothing minor pain and topical inflammation. Anti-septic and anti-inflammatory: These properties are found in birch, therefore, it works meticulously on wounds, cuts, and bruises. Internal. on blood thinners. Dilute and apply topically to areas of concern for physical uses. Topical. Birch essential oil is a less common oil that you may not have in your oil collection. Botanical Name: Betula Alba. Therapeutic Grade Birch Essential Oil. What is the Best Birch Essential Oil? The repellent effect lasts about two weeks. Uses. Birch tar oil has strong antiseptic properties owing to a large amount of … Massage into hands, back, and legs for a soothing and warming sensation after exercise. List of various diseases cured by Birch Essential Oil. In this spotlight, you will learn the uses and benefits of birch oil plus DIY Birch Essential Oil … Birch essential oil is extracted through both the White Birch and the Silver Birch. Benefits Of White Birch Essential Oil. In addition, the presence of salicylic acid and methyl salicylate offers skin therapy especially for […] Birch Essential Oil is commonly known as Sweet Birch Oil. Health Benefits of Sweet Birch Essential Oil. Anyon with aspirin sensitivities should therefore avoid using birch essential oil. Birch Tar Oil is a thick, viscous liquid containing guaiacol, cresol and pyrocatechol. Health Benefits of Birch Essential Oil 1. Benefits of birch essential oil is understood as a natural stimulant. pain relief. Sweet Birch Essential Oil Uses and Benefits. Birch Essential Oil benefits includes acting as a detoxifier, improving blood circulation, fighting infection, maintaining oral health, relieving migraine and headaches, supporting respiratory health and fighting bacterias. Birch Tar Oil is produced from the bark of various species of birch. Throughout the ages Birch oil has been used as a skin tonic and brightener. Birch essential oil is often added to lotions, massage oils and body salves to support seniors and others with super-active lifestyles. post partum. (1) Birch Essential Oil Uses and Benefits 1. 1.) It stimulates expelling, nervous, circulatory and biological process systems effectively. For emotional uses, dilute and apply to feet, down spine, or over solar plexus or other energy centers. Birch essential oil has myriad properties as it ranges from a disinfectant to a tonic. Birch Essential Oil Caution. Uses Top 3 Birch Essential Oil Uses And Benefits. cleansing . Suggested uses of Birch Essential Oil. The smell of the oil is quite minty and unlike most of the other essential oils, which have a musky and woody smell. Email me! Place a few drops of Birch on a cotton ball and place in your gym bag. Ayurvedic health benefits of Birch essential oil: The word ‘Ayurveda’ has become the most common terminology in this contemporary living as many are becoming conscious about their health. Lets Be Friends!!! Some of the best essential oils come from trees, as is true with Birch. Write By: demo Published In: ROOT Created Date: 2017-04-29 Hits: 3600 Comment: 0 Birch essential oil is also popular as sweet birch oil, which is enriched with salicylates and holds a history of being used for getting rid of muscle pain and fatigue. A large number of small birch plants are required for commercial production to make a quarter of birch oil. It efficiently decreases wrinkle formation and sagging of the skin. It softens … It has its own history of treating fatigue as well as sore muscles. Birch oil contains Methyl Salicylate and Salicylic Acid, two properties known to combat bactericides and germicides.It’s great for skin and can help clear up some common infections. Avoid if . How to Use Birch Essential Oil: Aromatic. It is difficult to frequently and sustainably harvest this oil, so many companies only offer Birch seasonally and in limited quantities – However, we make a great effort to offer this highly-demanded oil year-round, so that you never need to be without! Birch is a brilliant detox agent and helps purge out built up toxins from the body. Birch Essential oil Uses. The repellent effect of birch tar oil mixed with petroleum jelly applied to a fence lasts up to several months. With disinfectant, stimulant, antidepressant, detoxifying and astringent properties, the oil is commonly used for natural medicinal purposes. When you are feeling unloved, unsupported, etc, use birch essential oil together with your favorite aromatic use to locate your inner strength. More modern everyday uses of birch essential oil are as a disinfectant as well as a coating to create water-resistant leather material. Birch oil is derived from the birch tree’s bark. Practical uses for Birch essential oil: Birch contains the same active ingredient as Wintergreen. Birch Essential Oil is created from steam distillation of birch tree wood. Birch essential oil properties are uplifting, aid in calming inflammation, numbs pain, soothes spasms, cleanses and purifies. Super handy oil to have for pain, but also a super good oil to check in with a certified aromatherapist before using. Antidepressant and Stimulant Betula lenta or Sweet Birch is excellent as a natural stimulant to stimulate nerves, digestion, blood circulation, and excretion system. Use aromatically throughout the day, from the bottle, or even by massaging in the solar plexus for increased confidence. Prevents Bacterial Infections Birch essential oil contains salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, two compounds that are […] This is due to its wide variety of properties including disinfectant, antidepressant, analgesic, germicide, astringent, and antiseptic characteristics. Today I share with you how you can use birch essential oil on a regular basis. REPORTED BENEFITS AND USES. The birch essential oil is obtained from its wood via steam distillation. Once functioned properly, these systems can contribute to your overall eudaemonia. The carrier oil helps to reduce chance of irritation and absorb the essential oil deeper into the tissues. ⠀ ⠀ How Birch Essential Oil is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. This essential oil is known for having the ability to treat several health problems. These are the two basic functions of birch oil, the components that play a role in this case are Salicylic Acid and Methyl Salicylate, two agents known as germ killers and can protect the … Birch essential oil has many health benefits, one of which is that it is an anti-inflammatory agent that can fight bacterial and fungal infections. Birch is native to eastern North America, from southern Maine west to southernmost Ontario, and south in the Appalachian Mountains to northern Georgia. Sweet birch essential oils also has antiseptic properties, protecting the skin from bacteria and other harmful microbes. Traditionally it was diluted and used as an astringent to tone skin. assists in overcoming fear. The oil is able to protect the skin from such infections due to the action of its components. Birch Tar essential oil has a woody, smokey aroma, and is dark in colour. The Birch Essential Oil that I use is harvested in the U.S.A. From indigenous wild-crafted trees. Birch essential oil is attributed to many beneficial properties like antiseptic, analgesic, antidepressant, insecticide, germicide, diuretic, antiarthritic, antirheumatic, stimulant, tonic and disinfectant. The essential oil extracted from basil has many topical and internal benefits. Names of Birch Essential Oil in various languages of the world are also given. The sweet birch tree and wintergreen plant produce an essential oil that is closely identical in aroma and chemical composition. Listed below are some benefits of birch essential oil… It is no wonder that birch essential oil is so effective for this purpose; it contains the same active ingredient, methyl salicylate, found in aspirin. Birch Essential Oil: Fabulous Benefits And Uses Native to Canada and the United States, this tree can grow up to 75 feet in height. Birch essential oil, also known as sweet birch oil, is rich in methyl salicylates and has a long history of use for sore and fatigued muscles. This therapeutically wide-spectrum stimulating and cleansing oil… Salicylic acid and methyl salicylate are popular bactericides in … White birch oil is useful for dermatitis, dull or congested skin, eczema, hair care and psoriasis, although it could irritate the skin. Benefits of Birch Oil. There are many types of birch trees used in making the birch oil, including the black birch, silver birch, cherry birch, and the sweet birch. 3 Important Health Benefits of Organic Birch Essential Oil in your Daily Life! This essential oil has a long history of medicinal and ornamental uses, especially in folk medicine. Early settlers to America witnessed Native Americans using the inner bark of the birch tree as an infusion and flavorful tonic tea. Birch Essential Oil Uses.

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