- Wag! Remember you need to be consistent in training. If they are not sitting, they get no attention. The Sit-Stay command is the key to training your dog to not jump up on people. You may have to come in and go out dozens of times before your dog learns they only gets your attention when they keep all four feet on the floor. Always wanting petting. Move the treat over your dog's head in an arc so that he will naturally sit down to keep following the treat with his eyes. On the Street: Have your dog on leash. To teach 'sit', have your puppy stand in a corner, with his back to the walls. This is my 6 month old Boxer puppy and she is super smart.There is just one little problem, her need to jump and box at people! Dogs learn by making associations, and you want your dog to associate other dogs with pleasant things — never punishment. If you wish to show your dog in Conformation, or progress in the American Kennel Club's Obedience trials, then your dog also must not jump on people. When your friend or family member comes to your home or walks up to you to greet your puppy, if your puppy does not jump, then have the person praise your puppy and drop one of your treats on the floor for him. If he not does not jump, then have your friend calmly praise him, and have her drop one of your treats on the floor for him. Practice rewarding your puppy for sitting every time that you greet him. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the video! Keep greetings quiet and low-key. Slowly move the treat from above his nose, toward the back of his head and neck. Every time your Boxer jumps on someone, that person needs to not give him attention! Do this until he does not jump when you enter your home. Capture paws on ground. Your dog should never be forced to greet someone who scares them. The result is jumping behavior when they are excited. But you should mind. Show your puppy a treat, and then hold the treat a couple of inches above your puppy's nose. The greeter approaches you and your dog. She’s also horribly aggressive when on a leash. Here's how to teach your dog not to jump up on you and other people. Repeat, withdrawing attention for jumping, giving it when paws are on the ground. Please let me know if you have additional questions. When you step toward him, do so firmly and calmly. Try again. When you hear "Boxer" what image comes to mind? Hello! Hand the person a treat. The most distinctive feature of the Boxer is its head. The thing is she doesn't jump on me. how to train a boxer puppy not to jump. Reinforced with treats, attention and play for your high-energy Boxer. Practice her training in the presence of other dogs and people to increase her self-control and focus on you even during those times. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Practice this with many different people, until he does not jump on people anymore. In order for the training to work, your puppy must not be rewarded with attention for jumping at other times. how to train a boxer puppy not to jump The Dangers Of Whitened Kick boxer Canines What happens a kick boxer dog usually appears like? Boxer Puppy Appearance Boxers are a beautiful dog to look at - they have that unmistakably distinctive appearance. During this time, engage your dog’s mind with mind puzzles, obedience work, and fun stuff like games in the house or yard. Practice leaving whenever your puppy jumps on you, and dropping a treat on the floor whenever he does not jump. Training your dog not to jump up with a leash is easiest done with having a friend pretend to be a guest coming to your door. Ask your dog to "sit." You could also enroll each dog in an intermediate obedience class so that they get to practice around more distractions. Ignore any hysterics for now, but back up and create more space if your dog is unwilling to eat. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Make sure that anyone who is allowed to greet him while he is learning this, is asked to tell him to sit and to not pet him if he jumps. While you are teaching this, anytime that you go somewhere with your puppy, carry treats with you. Even if you shout “down,” “no,” and/or push him away – negative attention is still attention. We find that angel is a good behaving dog when she is not around Ali how can we stop him from being a bad influence I also find that on walks or at the dog park Ali tries to pee on everything but that’s not the problem it’s that after about 20mins of being outside he seems constipated, Hello Jahmad, The leash will keep him from following after you and continuing to jump. If you wish for your dog to become certified one day as a Therapy Dog, Service Dog, or even Canine Good Citizen, then your dog must not jump while greeting people. The Boxer breed has proven its worth as a war dog and police dog. Repeat walking outside if your puppy jumps again, and drop a treat on the floor if he does not jump. To get to this point, when he begins to sit as soon as you show him the treat, in anticipation of you moving the treat, then begin to tell him "sit", and wait seven seconds before showing him the treat. During this time, avoid any punishment for reactivity. You would need to join two separate classes unless you have a second person. Then use the leash to keep the dog out of jumping up range, even tethering your dog in a secure location if necessary. Unfortunately, people often … Hello! A dog will usually not jump on someone's back, only the front. Tell your dog "watch me" every time you see another dog approaching. To begin, hide several treats in a Zip-Loc bag in your pocket, or in a treat pouch under your shirt, where your puppy cannot see them. When you add another dog to the mix, you have to consider that a type of distraction, just like strangers and dogs outside make obedience harder and you have to work up to a dog being obedient around those types of things also. When your dog jumps, turn your back and avoid physical, vocal, or eye contact until the dog stops jumping. You can't let your dog jump on people in some circumstances, but not others. They have round, powerfully built necks and do not have any dewlap. Empower your dog to make good choices. Last, but perhaps most importantly, you will need consistency and the self-control to resist petting your puppy anytime that he jumps, in or outside of training sessions. While you do this, keep the treat at a height where he can see it. Some guests, however, were not huge fans of dogs in general, and found being jumped on distasteful or even uncomfortable. Research tells us that most leash reactivity is caused by fear, not by aggression. To stop a dog from jumping, start discouraging the behavior as early as possible. Secondly, Boxers have a prey instinct. I knew it was time for some dog training. When your Boxer puppy’s paws hit the floor, give your puppy praise and attention. This is harder to do when there are two dogs but even more important. Practice this with everyone he meets. If your dog does remain seated, the greeter can give your dog a treat as a reward. Have your friend greet your puppy. The training reinforcer MUST be a great one, such as real meat. Just ignore them until all four feet are on the ground. Get MORE dog training tips and examples on instagram! Give the command for the alternate behavior in distracting situations, such as outside in the yard, or while on walks.

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