yikes. Oikawa is put off by Mr. – Kprofiles.com, (Special thanks to Ammsdnx, sugalover_bias, Paige Buchanan, legitpotato, Vagia Michail, Hena De la Cruz, Anupama Pant, NuraddinaVixx, darling315, Salt, Tierney Wheeler, Tara, Saseko, Samantha, Tara, julie park), You may also like: Quizz: Who’s your BTS boyfriend? He only implies and even then sometimes its still very debatable with some people. – In the old dorm, he used to share a room with Jin. Cool and amazing. BTS released their official MBTI personality types during BTS Festa 2017. Maybe that's why we have so many different interpretations of his character! your relationship slips from platonic to romantic so naturally; either way, he’s the closest person to you in your life. – He’s currently watching Stranger Things and is on Season 3, though he can’t stay focused during it (V-LIVE 20.03.08). . See more ideas about haikyuu, haikyuu anime, haikyu! HINATA!" – If he could give himself a new stage name it would be ‘Min Yoongi’ because he would like to promote himself with his real name. go suga sadly, i think his inadequacy holds true regarding the fandom too. (Literally in the case of Kageyama and Lev) Suga could actually be compared to a soccer mom (volleyball mom in this case) but in a good way. – SUGA and J-Hope are really bad at drawing. Begin Quiz What is Haikyuu About? . Suga was in a car accident and hurt his shoulder while working as a delivery boy and delivering a meal on a bike. High quality Haikyuu Suga gifts and merchandise. Suga asked. – SUGA’s motto: “Let’s live with having fun. Suga is very self aware and knows his own limitations well showing maturity and intelligence beyond his peers. It's the least I can do for the starving fandom! He can effortlessly change the … – All the members of BTS chose SUGA as the sweetest member at Fandom School Interview. They think he’s up to something. (Profile written by SUGA) Yamaguchi. Kpop Discographies Other members about SUGA: And as such, everyone tend to listen to him. Same here. Suga can be very mature, putting aside his own pride as a 3rd year setter to do what it takes to let Kageyama reach his full potential and allow the team to shine. I don’t think he gave up being starting setter out of compassion but because he knew it was what was needed for his team to do well. I think that a lot of people when thinking of fanon Haikyuu characters forget that they are teenagers. (LOL) Just kidding. theres some steel in his personality. 3), @tierneywheeler:disqus This is hella mean and also just a joke, have fun! "Smile please?" You're always looking on the bright side of things and can always find a solution with a happy ending. He struggles sleeping from 12mn till 5am. anime and manga. – He speaks with a satoori accent when he’s nervous and when he cries. – On a vlog from 2013, he said he would want to become a DJ on a radio show. But he's also got a mischievous personality. – He is called Motionless Min because on his days off he doesn‘t do anything. RIP Daichi he was a good guy I really liked his personality he was a good leader and a nice character. which haikyuu boy hates you. – 3 things he dislikes: Dancing, loud places, places where there are people crowding around. Its resolution is 500x658 and it is transparent background and PNG format . , I realized were a lot alike. Kpop Facts They have a lot of canon factors, making them a strong pair. – SUGA’s nicknames: Motionless Min because when he has free days, he doesn’t do anything and Mr. His personality has changed so much and he's gotten genuinely happier, I feel like a proud mother . We’d support him always but spreading misinformation abt someone’s sexuality is wrong. – Rap Monster: “Lingers on things more than you would think. “Syuting gardeu” shooting guard in hangul -> “syuga” the way his stage name is spelled in hangul -> suga. Suga even responds to Tendo’s biting jibes with a smile. He was also the one to point out that they weren’t in the right area to see the Tokyo Tower, something even Daichi was apparently a bit ignorant about. maybe he’s stated that but it’s clearly not true. Suga knows this is necessary but that doesn’t make it easy but because he is the most mature and nurturing player in the series he is capable of making that hard decision. He’s my ultimate bias :3 I’ve always felt like I could relate to Suga the most out of BTS and reading these things made me realize that he’s even more relatable than I thought before. The purpose of Suga in this conflict was to provide a foil to the characters of the Oikawa (the other senpai who's also good at reading others) and Hinata/Kageyama (our main characters who value being on the court for as long as possible). Firstly, they're both 3rd years and also in the same class, Class 4. Poll: What was your favorite 2020 MAMA performance? Kpop Polls ….but we ended knowing everything and i don’t regret it xD, yes, an english academy in daegu (i guess) with Beomgyu from TXT, as you know my voice will turn you on, Wether it’s a guy or girl, my tongue will make you come, That’s not coming out as non-straight, not at all. He says he doesn’t really care about looks. Reading the manga, I got the impression that Suga actually approached this matter rather analytically. dude same, but I think that's kinda the point, with the self-insertion-?? – SUGA uses the alias Agust D for his solo works (“DT”, short for his birth place “Daegu Town”, and “Suga”, spelled backwards). Although he seems cool – never… no no… Wants to be loved. with a txt member! He ushers Asahi and himself away to give Daichi a chance to be alone with Yui. "You call their names. Look. this is one of my faaavvvvvorite pics of him https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df667a06035e38d4d8356d970a76c0c52ff4815c9ee3198501ba76ee7589f495.jpg, they aren’t really relatives just have the same family name, so they belong to the same “clan” – Min. (he mentions this in Burn The Stage ep. i’ve seen so many people having suga as their first haikyuu crush, and then completely abandoning him once they meet other characters. Thanks a lot! I wouldn’t call Suga soft (that’s Asahi), but he’s genuinely optimistic in a way that’s completely different from Hinata and it’s this trait that makes him so likable to us and the other characters. he’s just shy but don’t interpret him any less, we’ve all gotten hints of his fluency many times namjoon could probably even admit it lol, Kpop Girl Group Profiles At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! shove them into one character trait and move on?? As such, he encourages himself and all of his teammates to never give up, no matter how rough the situation might be. i want to be more like that. Birthday: March 9, 1993 And this perfectly explains why Suga is my favorite and always has been. Personality profile page for Yachi Hitoka in the Haikyuu!! But in reality it's a special effort they make to be that way for the young ones who need it, but they're still chaotic, and uncertain, and confused a lot in private. You got Yamaguchi! I'm a queer person who likes romance, so obviously I'm going to pick up some LGBT+ ships/headcanons. #haikyuu #sugawara #suga #edit Image by авевуля. He also has a lot of knowledge. Wiki Entries (2) Sugawara Koushi . Yamaguchi. right? Suga: Physical: Your hair. Options: Hinata, Kageyama, Suga, Yamaguchi, Kenma, Kuroo, Oikawa, Bokuto, Tendou, and Koganegawa. 18) i rlly do stan suga from haikyuu like hes NICE n at first he comes across as rlly soft but like. Take our personality quiz and you'll find out soon enough! tanaka, hinata, kenma. High quality Haikyuu Hinata inspired Mugs by independent artists and designers from around the world. Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? – He rarely gets sick and gets a cold maybe once a year. DaiSuga is the slash ship between Daichi Sawamura and Koushi Sugawara from the Haikyu!! His ideal type is also a girl who can eats a lot. – SUGA’s favorite food: Meat, Meat, and Meat. hello I love kag and suga a lot. – Jeongguk: “He’s like a grandpa. While Haikyuu! 1. not??? Haikyuu!! They are both the voice of reason when the captains and coaches are being ridiculous, yet they are ready to kick butt to get their team into shape. haikyuu!! On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. But I promise that you'll like it - or hate it. Suga Haikyuu Manga is hand-picked png images from user's upload or the public platform. Suga held out his own wrist, ‘Okay, then let’s get married, Koushi,’ written in neat coffee brown letters standing out in stark comparison against his pale skin. Take this Haikyuu Quiz to find out Which Haikyuu Character Are You today! – SUGA loves taking photos. – He usually scolds and nags the younger members when they make a mistake. I’m fascinated as to where he gets that weird knowledge from.” Find more awesome haikyuu images on PicsArt. But my top for physical appearance would probably be Oikawa, Kuroo, Terushima, Ushijima, and Noya in that order. Discover all images by Mochi. Full of random information. Have you always wondered What Haikyuu Character Are You? oh i love this kind of thing! She too gains feelings for Suga as well, falling in love with his kind and angelic nature and personality. HINATA!" come out in S.Korea due to the homophobia Discover all images by авевуля. Twitter account (all BTS members share 1 single twitter account): Ammsdnx, sugalover_bias, Paige Buchanan, legitpotato, Vagia Michail, Hena De la Cruz, Anupama Pant, NuraddinaVixx, darling315, Salt, Tierney Wheeler, Tara, Saseko, Samantha, Tara, julie park. Haikyuu tells of the story of a high school student named Shoyo Hinata who becomes obsessed with volleyball after watching a game of volleyball on a television as he was walking by a store. . Begin Quiz What is Haikyuu About? No answer to him being lethargic.” 3). You can say both,” he cheekily grins, and Tooru snorts. (Profile written by SUGA) it is mentoned that there was once a time where kihyun and him met up and talked for five hours on various topics (mostly music). Because Suga is motherly, it does not mean he can't be anything else. It's also that in reality, even adults (and parents) are like this. (Since all the rest of the members have bigger size images on their individual profile page) , ohhh 3x.. “When he has a problem he talks to Rap Monster because their ages are similar and also have a lot of things in common.” ~maybe you wrongly list it here ^^, Will any of these work? Has passion and stubbornness. If it’s not okay, I will delete. What is Haikyuu About? – Pre-debut, SUGA didn’t celebrate his birthday but now he does because ARMY’s always remember it and make it special (V-LIVE 20.03.08). Haikyuu tells Obsession problems. haikyuu!! quiz...and it is! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. He will yell at his team at inopportune times but will support them in every way he can outside of games and from the sidelines of a match. Suga: Daichi and I are no longer dating. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/527bbe1f66403190ac3f663c9141bfff1023bcf71ba43dfad6f17524ca4f4b6d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ded6b2a31fa2e9f729311bd148b9613e293c99ee624e93fa9cd490bd32fbe2de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1abbe4669c579fbae7040a98a151e6a7f894d306fe3bde1b37bcf852b59effd0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cea8b1761f2369bb0bea4efbc57c8ede16998816b68e8e5b57bb64f72b4a6b01.png, @amirarivers:disqus He's super hard-working and has a great sense of humor. SUGA, RM, and JHOPE are heavily involved in the making of BTS albums. – He prefers movies over dramas/TV Shows (V-LIVE 20.03.08). He writes lyrics even when he is in the waiting room, in the car or on the toilet. Read more information about the character Koushi Sugawara from Haikyuu!!? To boss around. – He was born in Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea. Kpop Ships Also a girl who seems to be cold but can actually share affection. – He has every volume of ‘Slam Dunk’ (a manhwa/Korean comic) (V-LIVE 20.03.08). When you wake up in the middle of your sleep, you may not see you sleeping by your side, because he is still working with his stuff at 3am, So if you like it to be all romantic for your whole life, don’t expect yhat if you want to be with Suga , @sugalover_bias:disqus But while Suga has his mature compassionate side he is equally chaotic. They are also individuals with personalities and not just one character trait. 14-15. Even though he isn't Karasuno's regular setter anymore, he does not dream of giving up on playing. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. 35. ... he is an ElementarySchool teacher in Miyagi. personality swap" on Pinterest. – When asked why would he steal from the other members he said he would steal the thing that you can’t buy with money – Jungkook’s age. 0:20. Min Yoongi’s New Nickname: Lil Meow Meow by I-ARMYs!!!! Suga-san is … Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? Which is your favorite song in UP10TION’s The Moment of Illusion album? Bruh…im bouta break a wall or something he is the most handsomest (i know its not a word deal with it) man i have ever seen he is BEAUTIFUL and just amazing it broke my heart to know he thinks hes ugly like BISH LOOK A MAH FACE IM PURE UGLY, He also has a habit of putting the blanket over his head while sleeping and the members always pull it down for him. Agust D Discography, Latest Korean Comeback: – He thinks his looks ranks (50) out of 100 : “Truthfully, when I see myself I think I’m ugly.” (Profile written by SUGA) – SUGA is ranked 67th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”. Pretends not to care when he does. "Smile please?" I fit most of his description of his type though I am loud and I enjoy dancing. – He really likes electronic devices and usually watches reviews on them on YouTube (V-LIVE 20.03.08). “The ranking in BTS that he write: Jin = Suga > Rapmon > J-Hope > Jeongguk > V »»»»»»»»» Jimin. 6. #haikyuu #sugawara #suga #edit Image by авевуля. Poll: Which Songs Released in November 2020 were your Favorites? Do you like SUGA? 13 or younger. Yamaguchi: You broke up?? He loves how soft it feels and all the different styles you try! He loves to run his hands through it after you had a stressful day, and he sometimes braids it too. Even though he isn't Karasuno's official setter anymore, he doesn't dream of giving up on playing in general. (Profile written by SUGA) Thanks for the comment! Haha! Read more information about the character Koushi Sugawara from Haikyuu!!? Hinata echoed. Take this Haikyuu Quiz to find out Which Haikyuu Character Are You today! The warm and caring side is there especially with the first years like teaching Hinata receives and showing Kageyama how to connect with the team. He also wants a girl that can be very active when he wants to and very silent when he wants to. Idk personally I’d think that Seokjin and Namjoon are the parents, and Yoongi and Hoseok are more like grandparents.

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