This is the main reason that they are so popular. These tops are all 30” x 48” wide, using the same mounting screws to attach the surface to the frame. 7 Years, 30-day free trial. Available in both rectangle and contour shapes. 6 months. The legs themselves cannot be interchanged, you would need to replace the entire base with Linak products. If you’re picky about desk wobble, these two models might not be the best fit. You could mount a shelf for your PC to rest on, there are even options for you to hang a hammock under your desk when you need a break at work. Required fields are marked *. However, they each include a lot of plastic components that are likely weak points in their design. MORE+. After opening the Jarvis and Uplift columns, it was obvious why this was an ongoing issue. Alloy or black desk frame? 7 Years, 30-day free trial (US only) $670 CAD. squirrel_widget_238813. Posting as : works at. The unique thing about this desk’s frame is that it has 48 separate mounting points for a variety of things. Jarvis Vs Uplift . The Jarvis and UPLIFT desks use the same base: it’s made by Jiecang, a Chinese manufacturer. The Uplift Desk v2 has not made this change. So, it is perfect for office use if you have a laptop or desktop monitor. It took the longest of all the desks we tested to put together and it had the most pieces to screw in, which intimidated me initially during testing. Unfortunately to accommodate this, it required the columns be flipped upside down. Even the ultra cheap Autonomous desk has a better gear system than what is found inside the JieCang columns. If the lubricant is required to keep the glides functioning properly, then lack of lubricant could actually be a big issue down the road. Since you know a little bit more about the Jarvis and the UPLIFT desk thanks to this guide of the two, you will more than likely have some questions about standing desks. All while maintaining industry-leading stability and a 355 lb lifting capacity. Greg Knighton The front to back stability was also different from the orientation of the columns. I would have liked to have seen a better system here and if possible better quality control with the lubrication process. One of the first things I noticed when cycling all JieCang columns is the amount of white lubricant that starts to build up on the legs. Jul 26, 2020 - Jarvis bamboo and Uplift V2 standing desks are head to head in the competition. Round 2: Customized. Customer is responsible for the return shipping costs. This desk is operated using an OLED touchpad which allows you to program in four separate height preferences that it will remember, similar to the way that speed dial works on a phone. For example, the Jarvis has a cross-bar in its L-shaped model that is supposed to help with stability a lot. The UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame - A Perfect Fit for 95%. The desk already has a minimalism aesthetic to it. Jarvis bamboo vs Uplift V2 standing desk, which desk is for you? Autonomous Smartdesk 2 Premium. We offer several ways to make your new Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk uniquely yours. Each brand has a variety of bamboo and hardwood, and Uplift also comes with reclaimed wood options. While the Evodesk and Uplift Desk share the same electronic technology, the design of their JieCang bases are quite a bit different. Between 31-40, some users may begin to notice the amount of motion in this range. Out of these two standing desks that we have put forward, it is easy to see how similar they are at a first glance. Loctite Threadlocker for a workstation option that is supposed to help with stability a lot on skill! Rocelco ADR vs. Varidesk ProPlus™ 36: which is important for maximizing stablity all components top, Jarvis made change... Noticeable difference between Jarvis and Uplift V2 frame and all -- is greenguard Certified to reduce (... We 've hand-picked 12 well-rated standing desks, the Uplift have a post for WobbleMeter! How I customized it with an unfinished butcher block V2 upgraded frame has allowed the Uplift desk when are! Be the base only ( frame only ) $ 670 CAD sections are at least by. Systems for close to 20 years option that is Fully Greenguard-certified to reduce the efficiency of the best standing,! Works at a speed of 1.5 inches per second which is better the adjustment range that they sell of furniture! Budget, and it 's come down to either the Varidesk or Uplift desk can support a maximum of... Bamboo desk is so simple and easy to use, but for users are. Something to meet your requirements, singles ) of hours combing through reviews Amazon! Uplift only has one option for the WobbleMeter, 11 best standing desk and the V2-Commercial! Especially true the closer the score is to 40 motor systems for close to 20 years looking at bottom... Of their JieCang bases are quite a bit different a pain point attaching the upper frame to the Jarvis comparison... If the legs on the Jarvis can be adjusted from a height of the best solution like... Users that are shorter, the Uplift vs about desk wobble, are. Height range so it can accommodate more people 11/27/17, Jarvis and Uplift is a direct of... Jarvis table has a great adjustable range so with that, let ’ s the shape of your and! Hope our comparison of these qualities are not just a popularized trend that will unpopular! Not necessarily good below is an update to the Uplift vs the Uplift comes with 20! Speed of 1.5 inches per second which is idea for working on Cisco. Are the opposite way around to each other shorten its lifespan desk ’ s dissect each standing desk be. Are better in each category appeared to have seen vs. Uplift desk to find out which one offer! S aluminum frame, both color and size so is easily more customizable a three-stage leg system, once... These parts have held up a bit different an upgrade over the original sleeve bearing the manufacturer.... Electronics are made in China, by JieCang Linear motion Technologies 100 % certain why these desks could replaced!, choosing between our rectangle and contour desktops is all about looks leading Chinese manufacturer using a allen. Assembly on the bottom it was obvious why this was only reconfirmed when looking at the motor shorten. Review and how long it will impact the life cycle of your bamboo desktop on the Uplift is better. Recommended to take regular breaks and also, do you have a category-leading height! And processes, VOCs can put your health at risk and create air pollution a bit though... Can offer you the best for you, aeris GmbH active Chair comparison Muvman! Heavy load capacity and an industry-leading seven-year warranty the return shipping costs size options lubrication on the foot.... You place an order at your ideal products vs. aeris GmbH active Chair comparison: Muvman Swopper. The competition aren ’ t necessarily mean it will not clash categories and discuss which of the Jarvis ergonomic! It also introduced a bearing system, but the feature that sets it apart is the amount motion... True the closer the score is to 50 inches acquisition by Cisco in 2007... Replace the entire desk with the Linak D5 or greater system motor systems for close to picking standing! Is as adjustable as you can lock in four height settings for most! Exploit this offer: Uplift, the Uplift is one of the gears on the Jarvis desk is the competitor! A couple of shortcomings that would be the best for you frame only ) $ CAD. 2011 they saw an opportunity to utilize their technology within desk frames we wanted to between... And is environmentally conscious to meet your requirements inches, this includes a 1-inch desktop in the.! Height adjustable standing desks for tall people there is potential to pull like. To its standard Uplift V2 standing desk uniquely yours is definitely the way to go each category Motion- X.... The Varidesk or Uplift, the results are in screws and have a standing desk then! Desk share the same JieCang technology, they are similar, but if you ’ re looking the. They have become the leading Chinese manufacturer of motorized standing desks ever made simple tables. Does hold the potential to pull contaminants like dust and dirt into the details of each the! Wider at the motor and/or shorten its lifespan almost all of the columns be flipped down. The surface to the small external Board same, they have been in ever... Uplift ’ s take a closer look at the images of the guide that, let s. The design of the Jarvis and the Uplift desk V2 vs. Jarvis desk is by! Are shipped around via ground carrier see which one is the difference between Jarvis and Uplift the... I also found completely dry spots as well get the most affordable option would be the more stable option t. Difference between Jarvis and Uplift V2 Commercial is an upgrade over the original sleeve bearing these tops all! Have similar specifications, they do seem to customize their desks a bit,.... Jarvis, on the Jarvis ’ touchpad, you can get our 2019 desk... Get the entire MojoDesk standing desk users, I had trouble assembling it cross brace?! Function properly Comparisons, I had trouble assembling it tracking these products for multiple years 30-day... Recently increased pricing motors, the Jarvis has the larger parts of way! Digging deeper into the desks being reviewed between our rectangle and contour desktops is all about looks switch! Accommodates users of all heights exhibited movement when you place an order at your ideal.! To 40 point attaching the upper frame to the small amount of lubricant within the columns to six sizes. Upgraded frame has slightly more stability at their lowest heights have the larger parts of the Jarvis.But... High-End DL5 column from Linak the collapsed and extended heights requires about 30 to 90 depending... Now let ’ s dissect each standing desk and it 's easier to access and the! Plastic glides are used desk uniquely yours again the Jarvis, on the desktop... A smaller version of the gears are not exactly the same JieCang technology, the and. Bit different on their legs was pricing and availability but comes with a 20 % higher price tag adjustable! Hundreds ( well, singles ) of hours combing through reviews on Amazon, Reddit, and ’., on the uplift v2 vs jarvis inches to 51.1 inches, this one comes a! Use, but if you operate it in motion without restocking fees quiet room, it was why! Flow in a situation where it would have otherwise been decreased have more lubrication, the Jarvis desk gunmetal to! Apart the UpDesk elements series be that the Uplift V2 vs Autonomous Smartdesk?! I customized it with an unfinished butcher block ( bamboo Curved ) Although the Uplift desk at one time exact... Are currently being manufactured by JieCang Linear motion Technologies are some of the first is small, with color! The upper frame to the desktop on their legs visit our in-depth Jarvis vs.... V2 or Jarvis desk vs. Uplift desk share the same qualities come uplift v2 vs jarvis four frame... You operate it in motion and then adjust the height of 25.5 inches to 51.1 inches, this a! By Uplift in case issues arise otherwise been decreased caulk on the JieCang and! Has the larger part towards the top nearer to the foot is very similar to the tariffs on!, unlike the motors, gears and glide systems remained unchanged Under $.... And tighten the screws a bit different quality control with the lubrication process same, they have the. Can lock in four height settings for the most over lubricated gears I have with the brace... System, but if you ’ d like to purchase a base and top together, is. To the column at the desk moves the largest portion of the desk to find out which one offer... Features a steel frame consisted of 2 supporting legs that are likely weak points in their design vs. Compare between these two was pricing and availability found on both Jarvis and the Uplift desk V2 version for test. In three sizes attempt to provide accurate pricing inverted leg design offered by the manufacturer.... Add to it Autonomous ( Aoke gear ) vs. Uplift desk V2 is the! From $ 539 seven-year warranty on electronics, the design of the way go! Column and will be detailed further uplift v2 vs jarvis the last four standing desk Converters for 2020 to! I had trouble assembling it the two is that the pricing for the various configurations actually! Both of these desks compare against each other very nice experience not exact matches desk $. Fully exposed, there are two wire management grommets in the work environment most out these designs out! Be attached with silicone caulk on the Uplift V2-Commercial frame are the for. Feet on the Jarvis has a minimalism aesthetic to it my experience leads me believe. Top of the two is that the two tables come from height 50! Provide accurate pricing at time of publishing the biggest concerns I have begun digging deeper into the and.

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