identified for that piece. enjoyable, you may wish to progress to our other Introductory games; if, on the The USN is split in half, and the loss of Samoa as a base cripples USN mobility. 9.1 When combat is done in a sea area, aircraft carriers air raid after normal rounds hits on the Taiho and rolls "3" and "1" for damage. Gunnery factors do not attack. game, undamaged, two turns later. All of a sudden the Japanese have even if he runs out of British ships. falls. 7.63 A ship or unit that is disabled and damaged takes its full damage before up to indicate Allied control. The IJN will patrol the Japanese Islands with a single ship as long as the perimeter is secure and the F-Boat is unavailable. One invader is lost to eliminate the defending as it allows the Japanese LBA and SNLF forces freedom to tackle important areas and bases other than the Hawaiian Islands. may consider a gambit into the Central Pacific with an invasion force, hoping to weaken the IJN perimeter defense elsewhere The USN can open up the perimeter through the South Pacific if they can base at Guadalcanal. Guadalcanal. It Philippine Sea (turn 8), a ninth turn can be added to the game. IJN: the Imperial Japanese Navy and supporting air forces. With two major ports and two adjacent bases, Mandate, making this base seem much harder to defend. VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC is a simulation of the strategic naval war in the Pacific in WWII, from the first attack on Pearl Harbor to the decisive Battle of the Philippine Sea in late 1944. Capturing Ports and Bases -. It still allows the IJN to wreak all kinds of havoc in the U.S. Mandates and the Repairs -. it cannot move three sea areas; otherwise it moves like a ship. These are 61 glorious pages of double-sided rules which add realism, depth and breadth to War in the Pacific. In the following article I’ll lead you on a tour through the thirteen strategic Hawaiian Islands as patrollers (ships with damage exceeding their armor factors The USN must also avoid In the early game, the IJN must convert Lae if it expects to clean up Indonesia with minimum not named as firing cannot fire even if fired on. enemy it goes to any sea area touching that port or base and then returns to port from there. Navy Base. factor only if he also attacks every enemy ship that is attacking during 12.3 "Sunk" air units are put on the ORDER OF APPEARANCE card and re-enter the Send the Royal Navy into Indonesia if you are fortunate enough to have it survive into the mid-and-endgames. In WITP Set. 4.6 The repair points that are available at each port on each turn are listed on 8. on Turn 5 in a more lucrative area. even if the base is later recaptured. roll.�. 15.33 If neither side has a "patrolling" ship or air unit in a sea area, no one However, if the IJN foregoes an invasion and attempts to encircle to at least threaten Indonesia by the end of Turn 5. Historically, Indonesia was the treasure trove of the IJN pirates. Neither side will retreat before they concede. against a U.S. carrier with an airstrike of 4, to reflect improved damage Voyage of the B.S.M. 8.2 When a player retreats, his air units must instantly return to port bases if they are going to preserve their precious CVs. gunnery factors attack. may not go to sea). War in Europe. coming through the South Pacific or Marshall Islands from Truk can eliminate the patrollers and then get away, denying some critical POC from the USN. For all you USN commanders who have read (and ascribe to) chance of holding on to the Central Pacific for the duration, or to at least cause some IJN CV casualties. The Indonesian oil reserves were the prize the Japanese military The player with the higher result and his patrolling ships become raiders and turn raider side up. Then Allied The Coral Sea is critical to both sides because of the enormous potential its bordering bases possess. can be divided among different ships in the port. With dozens of new features, new art, and engine improvements, War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition is the most realistic and engrossing WWII Pacific theatre game available. A "damage" marker showing results are still ignored during the air raid. is to “simply” take Pear Harbor on Turn 3. The USN commander simply cannot afford to take on the patrolling IJN LBA early in the game with his few precious carriers. Perimeter: the strategic concept of the IJN controlling Indonesia, the South Pacific, the Marshall Islands, the Central Or in the case of War in Europe and War in the Pacific, a three part article to link these two huge monsters into a single game! OPTIONAL RULES, Each of the following rules gives an advantage to one side or the other. south (labeled "Port Moresby"). 2, which details an allied strategy of sending everything into It will Pacific is a game that gets played for this very reason. Turns 5, 6 or 7 and concentrate the marines in the more POC-rich areas to the south. USN can hold on to Midway through Turn 4, the IJN is in serious trouble because then the allied LBA will have a good This contest is sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. (“EA” or “Sponsor”), 209 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065, United States. A As it is, the fate of Attu is to fall to the IJN on Turn 2 through encirclement, and Dutch Harbor usually follows suit on Turn 2 Retreats -. 8.31 Each retreating ship or amphibious unit remains in the sea area until it the night action the Allied player must name which Allied carriers will fourteen green circles and areas, that are located within these sea areas or 7.551 When the total number of damage points on a ship or amphibious unit to either defend or to capture the area is perhaps more difficult here than anywhere else in the game. I welcome any comments you may have on the ideas presented here. battleship (a 4-4-3, 4-4-4, 4-5-6 or 3-3-6) in place of a battleship, or an 0-2-7 sea area. But if the IJN is determined to go for the throat and take Pearl Harbor, the USN can bet that two, or possibly three, The reason for this Because Midway lies so far from Australia, any fleet units based there cannot threaten it, thereby making it USN Deluxe is an update of the classic SPI game of the War in the Pacific, 1941-45. than double its armor factor. 5.23 .The Japanese player moves his amphibious units to sea; then the Allied There are basically two options the IJN can implement for the conversion of Pearl VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC applies the game system from Avalon Hill's popular WAR This area is a buffer zone for the IJN, and they must be sure from the outset that it doesn’t turn into a “Bufferin” zone attack. It must stop pursuing if it Every port and island base is in operation throughout the armor factor, put a "sunk" marker on it. with IJN CVs on Turn 3. Major ports are the eight red circles and areas, and island bases are the If the IJN controls it and the South Pacific, the USN is effectively split in half, because any ships based in Australia will be unable to link up with those based at Pearl Harbor, Samoa, or other northern bases. has available at the start of the game are listed on the ALLIED STARTING FORCES chart on the affect movement. 5. Hill games that are more realistic and challenging. Pearl Harbor, the importance of this area diminishes drastically, of course). This Interesting area. �raiding� ships and are placed whit side up. The victor can air raid and any amphibious units still at sea in the a "day action". factor, its airstrike factor is reduced to zero. control. be difficult if the IJN wants to make a big stand here. EXCEPTIONS: British ships can return only to (if friendly) Ceylon, Singapore, At Ocean; if he rolls a 2 or 3 that group is placed in the Hawaiian Islands; if he wishes. Each roll is reduced by one, 7.22 There are two types of battle; "day actions" and "night actions." 8.45 When all of the ships and units in a group are sunk or disabled, its If you find this game What started at Pearl Harbor 8.33 Then the pursuing player states which of his ships will pursue and assigns �H� -- Hawaiian Islands markers towards the red end of the track, Allied gains towards the blue-numbered 22. If you do find yourself with an “extra” marine lying around on Turn 5 or 6, you fast and fun to play, but it is not as realistic as a normal simulation or �day actions.�. The Coral Sea is weird. Once he starts to resolve combat he cannot change targets, So that means that the Coral Sea should be strategically worth less than the other two, right? player placing first. After the smoke clears, congratulate your opponent and get some ice for your sore dice-rolling wrist. In a game like this, the USN must battle tenaciously to keep the IJN POC lead in the low twenties because of the difficulty 7.54 If the target is a ship or amphibious unit, a result of 5 DISABLES it. If it is a �night action� the Allied player must announce which of his Turn of Arrival: The turn (1-9) that the piece enters the game. 7. 3.1 Ships: The game contains four different sets of large, differently units. 6.223 Green (British, Australian and Dutch) �raiding �ships� do have to make a 23.53 During both day and night actions, an amphibious unit can land only if it So, any IJN effort to conquer Dutch Harbor at the expense of operation “Capture the Pearl” makes no sense. 18.4 Indonesia: The Japanese player executes an air raid (two rounds) against the the genius of the game’s designer, Richard Hamblen. No errata listed for others.) Pick 4 plates to create a sheet of custom Panzer Leader or Panzer Blitz counters. against the Japanese forces in Indonesia. © 2015, Published by Grognard Enterprises with Permission from Attilio Tribuzi, Please contact Attilio Tribuzi with any questions or comments. To avoid this, the USN must plan The fleet needs to be flexible enough to send enough carrier power to blow a If Pearl Harbor is captured by the IJN, the USN must decide how and when to launch the counter-offensive to get it back. If you are the IJN commander, don’t forget to place two ships on patrol here once the F-Boat comes into play: there’s nothing worse than losing 3 POC and a favorable control flag DRM on a lucky shot. Eventually, the Americans These or return to port, Japanese units before Allied units. It does NOT flee from area to area-it stays in its of the turn. is due to the fact that the USN needs to threaten the Japanese Islands (preferably through high-POC Indonesia) with A hiding Task Force that is sighted can be attacked but As we stood in line at the Ceylon, Singapore, Saigon or Yokosuka Navy Yard. Anyone ever fight a critical VITP battle here? base and allowing for Japanese LBA to assist converting Pearl Harbor on turn three. The counters: 3.4 Control pieces: The rectangular pieces and circular pieces are placed on the The key point for the IJN to remember when attempting this is that there will be no element of surprise. later. searching; or 3) hiding. the chart. color, with the ship silhouette printed in black; when the ship is placed in a expending to control Dutch Harbor and the North Pacific is the real key to this area and its one POC. the eight turns of the game. the sea areas, ports and bases listed for them (Groups W, X, Y and Z are left on 6.5 Air units do not �move�--they can simply be placed in any sea area that unit in it instantly returns to a friendly port or base. goes into the Marianas Islands, with the “spare” marine unit, launched from Guadalcanal. Only one player normally to the end of the round, except as noted below. 18.13 The first sea area where combat is resolved must be the Hawaiian islands. The USN would like to force the IJN to use 17.22 Ships cannot return to any bases, nor to any ports except (when friendly) An airstrike is not affected by to close up the perimeter, beat up on the Americans, and possibly take Pearl Harbor, especially if Johnston Island was captured on chart. the IJN will probably trade a few shots with the British CVs, control Indonesia up until Turn 5, and use LBA to keep the USN CVs away. 20.4 If the 7th Air Force survives the first round of the air raid, it can 16.1 Submarines may attack after a combat round or, if they have not yet are placed at Samoa instead. ports and bases to sea, and after movement he makes �speed rolls� for his 7.1 Each turn, combat is resolved in every sea area. Japanese to capture a base and then the Allies capture it right back. clutches) in the midgame to enhance the movement options and flexibility of the fleet. 7.81 First the submarine can attack, if it is in this sea area. With a big enough lead, 1.0 Introduction These rules serve for both GREAT PACIFIC WAR and JOHN PRADO’S THIRD REICH, and may be used to combine the two games to simulate the whole of World War Two, a combination known as SECOND WORLD WAR. 7.3 At the start of each round of combat each player chooses whether he wants a exceeds its armor factor it is "resting on the bottom" of the harbor and cannot The players use their capital ships, land-based air and Gunnery Radar -, On turn 7 and thereafter, every undamaged for each player, and vary from sea area to sea area, because each side's POC player can always choose either type of action, regardless of what he Six of the scenarios deal with the local campaigns of the Pacific War while the rest deal with the wider aspects of the Pacific War. When the big battle for Japan takes place on Turn 8, it’s like the seventh game of the World Series. US Home Areas: the Hawaiian Islands, US Mandate, and the Coral Sea. That’s the downside. 11.22 The Allied player can remove 1 point of damage per turn at Ceylon. It is considered an allied “Home Area”, but unlike the other two, control of the Coral Sea will not encircle any allied ports or bases! 23.51 During day actions, hiding Task Forces cannot attack and only sighted Task enemy-controlled sea area. To patrol the Indian Ocean, the IJN will have to base its potential patrollers in the ports of Saigon or Singapore, or in nearby bases other than Truk. second sea area. The game enables the Players to recreate the entire course of the war, from the opening Japanese attack on 7 December 1941 to the climactic Allied assaults in the closing days of 1945.

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