She was married to Moses, as a peace treaty between the two nations, and also accompanied him to Egypt along with her brother. Jim Cole-Rous researched background information on Lesser Known Bible People beginning in 2008. Two children, and they were circumcized as Jews. This likeness of Moses is probably accurate because it was taken from an ancient statue found in Tanis Tanis But in Numbers 12:1, when Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses, they criticized him for having a “Cushite” wife. Life is a journey we can travel together! So he laid siege to the city and gained a wife; he who could neither marry a Hebrew at that stage, nor an Egyptian.”. Try it free for 30 days. None of these are alive today and no scientist has ever found a fossil of one. Appears in the Bible at: Genesis4–5 The book of Jubilees provides names for a host of otherwise unnamed biblical characters, including wives for most of the antediluvian patriarchs. If you would like someone to pray for you, click the button and we’ll connect with you. This is something that I’ve always wondered about, because when I checked the background of Moses’ wife I never found this to be true. . Trophimus: Whose Praise is in the Churches. Josephus identified Moses’ second wife as Tharbis, the daughter of the king of the Ethiopians (i.e. However, unicorns are mentioned in the King James version of the Bible 9 times, in 5 different books, by at least 5 different authors: by Balaam, Moses, … In the Book of Chronicles, two of her descendants are mentioned: Shebuel, son of Gershom, and Rehabiah, son of Eliezer. The Midrash provides a fascinating backstory of how this union came to be. 43 And when God had driven Adam from the garden of Eden, he took the stick in his hand and went and tilled the ground from which he was taken. . The main beef Miriam had against Moses’ black wife—an unnamed Cushite Woman historian Flavius Josephus refers to in Antiquities of the Jews as Tharbis, a Cushite princess Moses marries as part of a deal to end the war (see sidebar) —seems to be some insecurity on Miriam’s part about the role Moses’ wives (which included Zipporah the Midianite) played in his life and in the leadership of Israel. Above you can see that Reuel (Jethro) was Moses father in law and the priest of Midian too. was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt and mighty in words and deeds.” Acts 7:22. We've updated our privacy policy to include the most recent GDPR updates. Jethro was a descendant of both Midia and Kenia and as such he was also royalty. Apollos: Integrity Tested in a Godly Man, 37. It is possible that he married her decades earlier while a prince in Egypt, after winning a victory against Ethiopia, as this is what Josephus records. Adam Clarke comments: Num 12:1 “Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses. Certainly if he had left her, she would have either been killed or used to pressure him to surrender. Mentioned in the Book of Exodus as the wife of Moses, and the daughter of Reuel/Jethro, the priest or prince of Midian. When Elizabeth became pregnant, she hid herself, overwhelmed with God’s goodness towards her. Passages that mention the presence and contribution of African women in the Bible are especially neglected, perhaps because there are few African women biblical scholars and also deep prejudices against women. of God, and it is the mount of Horeb also. Ecclesiastes 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. 22. It is called the book of Jasher and it is mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18. The House of Abinadab and the Ark of God. Shortly after this Moses was forced to flee Egypt, and spent the next 40 years in Midian. It means the Arabs are Daniel interprets the vision to king Then, Those gulfs are part of the Red Sea. There are many great examples of strong, faithful, courageous, and influential women in the Bible to learn from. What rejoicing they must have felt at being rescued! 1. This first-century Jewish historian refers to her as Tharbis, daughter of the king of Ethiopia (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 2, chap. The name Tharbis can not be found in the book of Exodus, but you can find it below in other scriptures… Jasher 76:2 The Jewish historian Josephus tells this story of Moses in his Antiquities Chapter 10, cited by Ireneus shortly after Josephus’ life time: “Josephus says that when Moses was nourished in the King’s Palace, he was appointed General of the Army against the Ethiopians, and conquered them when he married that King’s daughter; because out of affection for him, she delivered up the city to him.” Josephus tells us her name was ‘Tharbis’, and she had fallen in love with him, and the marriage was consummated. We know that she was the daughter of a man called Jethro (or Reuel), who was a priest in the land of Midian (Exodus 3:1; cf.

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