For commercial fish farming, they can be feed on both natural and supplementary feeds. But soon we will publish a sample project report with as much details as possible. my self nadim and I have a artificial natural pond of 800 sqm but there are some leakages in ponds walls so the the stored water liked out side. 4. what will be the aprox cost for whole project. Regards A mature fish can attain an average weight of 2 kg. Katla is a freshwater fish species and can’t survive in saltwater. Get contact details and address | ID: 22566073488 also i want to creat pond for raising fish on my land Thank you. Dear Sir Where I can get fingerings in mumbai or thane? Sir, Catla is a fish with large and broad head, a large protruding lower jaw, and upturned mouth. WINTER 16 to 25 SUMMER 25 to 44 and 20 to 30 degree calculus in rainy season. Indian Carp, Indian Katla Thanks! very intrested in fish rearing Is the project about to start or finished. In our area tilapia is not very popular and very less demand. We dealing with the ponds on contract basis. For Any quires you can call me I am growing Azolla in my backyard with a tarpaulin of size dimensions 12x6x1 Feet for my chickens. Dear sir, how much quantity of fish should I add in pond of 45meter length*45 meter breadth*11 meter depth ? Always try to keep the pH level between 6 to 9. i wont to build fish farm , i wont to get 2kg of fish weight within 6 month or less , in which fish type i can use for low cost feeding and fast growing fish ? You have to minimize the numbers of fish or have to supply supplementary fish feed. Please contact an expert within your area for better recommendation. Let us know your valuable thoughts on this and some practical experiences on this. I wish to have a contact for he tank preparation and feasibility study for the same. Are you feeding the fish well or over feeding your fish? dear sir, SIR Amazing Health Benefits of Rohu Fish” Having fish thrice a week can keep you on top of your health. our new project startup shivpuri One Biga Aprox 100×100=Ten Thousand SF Leave it for a few days for growing natural feed (plankton). Thank you! 5-7 feet is perfect for growing Katla fish. You can remove water from the tank and fill the tank again with more fresh water (3/4). In this article, we examine the nutrition profile and health benefits of catfish. It is grown in polyculture ponds with other carp-like fishes, particularly with the roho labeo (Labeo rohita) and mrigal carp. And you have to feed commercial carp fish feeds for better result. Sir, I am mohan from Kerala. Thank you! So, it’s not possible to tell the exact or an estimate idea. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Ft. You can increase stocking density along with depth. Nutrition facts: Katla fish (100g) has approx 111 Calories, 2g Fat & 19g Protein. will it effect the fish to grow? Fish seeds available (fingerlings) in kumbakonam please give your valuable feedback. Hi, in our area we are having water salinity of about 5 to 6 %. Thank you! I am keen to know more info on that. So your expenses will be about Rs. i would like to start katla fish farming . Their anal fin is short, dorsal fin inserted slightly in advance of pelvic fins. You should feed your fish 5% feed daily according to their current body weight. hi this is ridhu..i have 500 catla i just want to know how much place required for tat fish..tank is enough or area should be 1 acre like that. how much time it will take to growth by weight and month. so how much catla fishes can I keep in my pond for 10 months and what growth can I expect. It grows best at water temperature between 25°-32° c. It is very suitable and generally grown in polyculture ponds with other carp fish species, especially with Rui and Mrigal fish. Hi sar coll me because caindly information in all fish from ny new fish farms Tilapia is very hardy and fast growing fish species and has good demand in Indian market. We are not sure about which fish will be suitable for you. However, stocking only Rui fish is not a good idea. It does not matter whether you eat sea fish or river fish, the benefits of eating this type of seafood are immense. We are not sure what is the cheapest solution for that and it’s also not possible for us to suggest anything without seeing the leakages. The fishes are full of nutrition and are hygienically processed. Also please let me know the number of fishes which can be grown in the well ?? It has amino acids which help in promoting growth and maintaining the muscle tissue mass. Thank you! But all the post are not getting listed. Thank you! Paresh Rajput our pond space is 12 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft .how much fish I can cultivation in this pond.which fish is suitable for me .kindly please give a tips. When I discussed with the fisheries department in my home town, they said , after 3 months of fish growth we need to feed them at least 5% of the fish self weight as food. That’s because it contains heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which lower triglyceride levels as well as help reduce inflammation throughout the body and support brain health. They generally reach maturity at their 3-5 years of age. In Nepal and in neighbouring Indian regions up to Odisha, it is called Bhakura. You can stock up to 17,000 Katla fish in your pond. I have a problem help me out, actually i prepared a earthern pond of one acre in my village but the problem is that i only have boring water means the water is coming out from a well through motor, can i stock this water to pond? Because Katla fish usually take food from the upper level, Rui fish take food from the middle level and Mrigal fish take food from bottom level of the pond. Thank you! This is the frequently bought fish in my home and I actually love to cook it in different ways and don’t usually repeat one recipe twice in a month. If we read a post we are able to see some related post at the end of the post. 8973457042. Thank you! What density of fishes would u suggest for 2 acres (above conditions i said) sir? 6- Which is the preferable time to feed fishes,morning or evening or does it depend on climate I have a fishpond which I am created for fishing. Thank you! We have a same size of pond andhra Pradesh. Now i feed them with comon food i got from market. Please let me know in total how many fry i can used to grow market size properly with 4-5% of feeding everyday. And also i have already invested Rs. You can stock about 20,000 katla fish in your 2 acres of land. [6], Catla is sold and consumed fresh, locally and regionally. Can i start with 10000 fingerling in 40:40:20 ratio in my 3 acre pond without aerators and without needing to feed feed supplements?Will my fish grow to 1 kg size in 12 months without feed supplement. Thank you! Regards, Discover the incredible and amazing Omega 3 benefits for your health and well-being. How much Katla and Rohu seeds(zeera size) do you recommend. Hi, We have 1 acre of pond with 5 ft depth keelakovilpathu,papanasam (TK), Earlier I asked the same question to you sir, that the katlas from my tank (2×2 mtr size with 1.5 mtr hight with half tank of water) is daily dying (minimum 3 to 4 per day. 2 lakhs for making ponds etc. You need to apply proper aeration system (although it’s not guaranteed that all the fishes will survive). I was hoping you could give me some information. You can combine natural feeds and supplementary feeds for such density. i have 5bigha existing fishery at assam. Doing so will ensure better production. Hello Sir Thank you! Benefits of Mutton | মাটন উপকারিতা ইংরেজ� Yes, catfish farming is banned in India (as far as we know). Thank you! I want to construct the pond having the size of 60 feet *150 feet *5 feet , and it is slightly salt water and from the bore well, in this how many fish can i grow.And i want to grow the katla fish only,is it suitable please guid me. These include the catfish, guppy, rohu, katla, and koi. My village is situated in the remote district of keonjhar orissa, I want some technical assistance and can you help me to set up basic infrastructure for fish farming. I have prepared a earthern pond in 1 acre and during preparation i have added 10 ton cow dung in the land and 15kg urea in it, after 5 days i have filled the pond with water and i have stocked 20,000 rohu fish in it of 10 inch. I am from Hyderabad and had a 4 Acre of land in my village where I am planning to start fish farming (Rui only), but bit confuse about the number of Rui fish I can put in each pond which is 1acre in size and depth around 7 feet. 50000 vannamei is ok, but 50000 Katla fish will be too much. Sir i want to know how many catla fishes can be cultured in a 4ft*60ft*60ft size earthen pond .. and how much they will grow after 10 months if proprly feeded ? Can u please guide me for catla farming.steps and how to do farming I hv build up a tank 10*30*30 what to do intetnally. Your plan for raising fish with green feed is OK if you raise a minimum number of fish in your pond for family consumption. Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day. Along with Katla, you can also stock some Rui and Mrigal fish. Rui, Katla, Mrigal will be good. I am from bhopal (madhya pradesh) want to start fish farming in a cement pond and its size is 30ft in length, 10 ft in width and its depth is 7 ft, how many catla fish should i stock in it, and what all things are needed to be done in the starting and will it be profitable. Pabda fish is omnivorous. It is generally sold and consumed fresh, locally and regionally. It is advised that on an average, one should include 1750 mg of fish per week in a diabetes diet plan. Thank you! Also suggest some good companies that supply good fish seeds. Thanks! Is it good to have naturla pond or artifical concrete pond. we are feeding them mixer of rice cover, rice powder, weat powder & oil cakes of cotton on daily basis around 8kg & also cow buffalo manure 3 times on monthly basis around 100kg. Contact with the sellers and ask them for help for selling your products. But it’s your choice. 15% Saturated Fat 3 g grams. There will be no problems. There are no problems if you use low cost feeds. There are no need for installing inlet and outlet system for carp fishes if you follow this stocking density. M….8101093675,7501304890,9091396966 But the water is not stagnant in that pond soil. Find Frozen Katla Fish Suppliers. We would be mostly going for 30 * 35 Pond size. They have a large protruding lower jaw, and upturned mouth. I am only giving them (katlas) chemmeen food which is available in market and boiled rice. i have 2 acre of land and i want to build concrete pond for better management .so please help me in what measurement i should built each pond so that i can stock 4000-5000 katla fish . Size of the pond is 10.0 M x 3.0 M x 1.5 M. How many fish can I put in this pond. You can use a nutrition facts table to compare the serving size to the amount of food you actually eat. You can purchase ready made carp fish feeds for Rui and Katla fish. Nowadays, the demand for fish products that are fresh, natural and safe to consume is continuously growing due to a number of documented health benefits of fish (1). The reported production numbers have increased sharply during the 2000s, and were in 2012 about 2.8 million tonnes per year. For cultivating Katla you have mentioned that 5-7 ft is good. I am from guwahati.I have one 15x7ft glass aquarium tank.I want to know how many 1500gm size rohu fish and 2000gm size katla fish stock in the tank only 15 day’s. Rohu head is long and the katla head is circular. The measurement of your pond is in square feet or meter? You should provide 5% feed daily (twice a day 2.5% + 2.5%) according to the current body weight of fish. 2- gozar (Channa marulious) Phone no:7868872579. dear sir pls advice me to start katla fish cultivation I going to start this business from 1st jan 2016 500000 (including all costs, except pond construction). Thanking you in advance.. it will enlighten me and help me in taking some wise decision…. Yes, your Katla fish will grow well if you keep 5-7 feet depth. Thanks for your time and support!! Thanks®ards, Halder all fish seed supplyer(rohu,katla,Biket,garss,Silvar,koi,magur,Desimagur,sivas,moral,comncap, Yes, your tank is good for growing Catla fish, and you can stock around 1500 fingerlings in your tank. Hope you understand! Commercial fish feeds are available in the market for the mentioned fish species. How many days it will take to grow up? You can choose carp fish, tilapia, catfish or any other available fish species in your area. Please informe me sir, Hi mohankumar, I am staying in tambaram,am also interested in this project. I have farm pond and i have used 500 micron poly sheet to avoid peculation. Benefits of Katla Fish Benefits of Katla Fish. Thank you! planning to buy 3000 baby fishes. You can feed your fish with commercial fish feeds. but owner of other fisheries not agreed with your advice. You can stock 150-170 fish in each pond. Please do reply sir You have not mentioned the measurement of your tank is in feet, meter or something else. It will reduce the feeding cost. Their body is short and deep, somewhat literally compressed. how do i do that, please advise. I have enquired here to buy fish, he mentioned that around 1500 katla and bils kendai fish can be placed in the tank. It will be better if you can consult with a local expert. You can use it if you get good results. I am new business start. Thank you! The caudal fin is forked, and the pectoral fins are long extending to pelvic fins. I have (40mt.*70mt.*1.5mt.) Hi there Thanks for your kind consideration! No. Thank you very much for the necessary info its really help a lot.. sir my pond is 50*30* 4 feet how many katla fish can be put the pond pls. and planning to provide natural feed and also artificial fish feed which has good protein , I am trying to combine the feeding of natural and artificial feeds to try keep the cost lower and get good growth, is it advisable to do so? we intend to start this project at mudgeri karwar in the state of karnataka. Under proper condition and adequate feeding, katla fish will take about 10 months to 1 year for reaching 1 kg body weight. You can stock up to 3000 Katla fish in your pond. You can stock a total of about 3000-3500 Rui and Katla fish in your pond. I delivery the baby fish from westbengal. Serving Size : 100 gms. Katla Fish Curry / Catla Fish Curry Posted by foodlovers332 September 22, 2019 September 22, 2019 Posted in Facebook The festival season include delightful this katla fish( curry curries of lndia ) prepared with catla fish a flavour sauce of hot tasting spices in your dinner lunch. Also for feed which is best.Daily how manu kg of feed i need to supply.Please reply. Nine different combinations of fishes, accounting for all the classifications mentioned above, were caught in the Hussain Sagar lake, Hyderabad, India and also from a lake in Medchal, near Hyderabad. To be frank, it’s not possible to tell you the exact amount. Presently self has rain water storage tank with HDPE liner ( 2 Crs Liters) and is used to irrigate pomegranate trees . This is my plan so how many fishes now i can put in this because i think 50,000 would be too many fishes. And how much quantity of seeds i can put i that pond ? Is it feasible ? and what food type add in pond. To clear water, what we need to add for the pond. I have started a fish farm in 1 acre and before stocking fish in farm preparation i add 250kg cow dung in the land and after filling it with water i add 15kg urea then after 5 days i stock 25000 rohu fish and now i am giving them 20kg cow dung and 20kg poutry manure once daily, is it enough feed for 25000 rohu? 5. 3.can I farm 12000 fish with 2 to 3 % suplimentry food without aeration? Thank you! Also if u can help letting me know the amount of time and money is needed to make a pond of 2.5 acres. Sir I have 2 fish tanks in kolhapur measuring 25m×50m×2m newly constructed so please suggest me the quantity of figurelings of catla rohu mrigal and cyprnies for farming, Dear sir I want to start katla fish farm in Maharashtra pls help location near to pandharpur in district Solapur .if possible send me detail copy of project on my mail I’d [email protected] Introduction of Catla Fish Farming:-Catla fish is one of the very popular fresh water fishes grown throughout India and identified as a Indian carp.The commercial farming of catla fish is very high due to its fast growth and market demand. We can’t grantee, but after 10 months your fish should reach about 800g to 1000g. related to raising fish However, review full profile of the Catla fish in the following chart. 0 ₹ 0.00 Cart. Hello Sir. Now I am planning to for Rohu and Katla. Depends on various factors (such as fish species, growing systems etc.). You can feed the fish with commercial carp fish feeds. You have to take average body weight of your fish after every 10 to 15 days. [email protected], Dear Sir, I Have a huge open well Depth of around 50 feet and diameter around 20 feet and it is full of water?? D..naidi.S..W.B You have to change your plan. is it advisable to shift this fish in other pound ? So, eating fish can actually keep you happier and healthier. You can stock Rui and Katla fish in your pond. Silver carp. As such kindly let me know if I it is possible to grow Rohu or Ketla fish in Tanks. thanjavur dist. I am giving food by your suggestion what I found from your blog please help me. And daily feeding rates vary depending on the age and size of your fish. You can use those for preparing your pond before stocking fish. Pond size is 45*35*5 how much fish i can grow d how many months it takes to grow to 1 kg. PLS GIVE YOUR EXPERT ADVICE YOUR ADVICE WILL BE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. Thank you! Thanx in advance. 75 grams for the first time and rest 75 grams for the second time. The advantage of this fish is its fast growing nature, taste and nutrition. Next product. Back. sir? Please mention the suitable fish and numbers count. We are also not experienced in growing Rui or Katla fish in tanks. We prefer earthen pond for growing this type of carp fish species. I am from India and i am doing Fish farming here in my Allahabad. It is … We can’t tell the total costs for constructing the pond. It is native to rivers and lakes in northern India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan, but has also been introduced elsewhere in South Asia and is commonly farmed. No. i am interested in fish farming. The catla was formerly listed as the only species in the genus Catla, but this was a synonym of the genus Gibelion. It will be better if you can test mud and water of your pond before starting. I also want to ask that, 280*150(length*width) is the land area i have and I’m going to cement all the sides and bottom of the space and then put mud in the bottom. All fish seed suplery and farming infortion Total production of Catla fish is increasing gradually. dear sir Hope you understand! Sirs, But we are not sure whether all fish will survive or not. Thank you! we have 2 acre pound can i shift this fishes in this pound. i am going to start cultivate rui, katla, mrigal in my 5 bigha existing fishery as per yur advice,. Thank you Sir for your reply. You can get the breed of Katla fish during rainy season (usually July–September). I have a pond of 21acres with an average depth of 7ft.. i had stocked 50000 rohu and 10000katla … stocked size is 4-6inch. Hello Sir this Noah from coimbatore. DIPLOMA AGRICULTURE Thanks for your kind consideration! will fish grow in this type of water? Thank you! It is a … 14. Out of Katla, Rui and Mrigal Fish, which one would you advice? Can u please tell me what can be the approx cost that i can say during oxen,,,keeping in mind my profit and other cost. 0 . Either you have stocked more fish than the capacity of the pond or you are not feeding them perfectly. Thnks. Total Detils please Cont. please tell me food name Dear sir, I am Shahid A. khan from Karachi, Pakistan. Calculation:5 % of 500 gram = 25 gram per fish per, 25 * 2 times per day = 50 gram per fish50 gram * 1000 fish = 50,000 grams per dayie, 50 kg per day.there fore 50 * 90 days = 4,500 KG of feed.. As we calculate this we end up in loss in running the fish farm. thank you . 7. It will be better, if you visit any existing farm in your area. Thank you! Thanks for your kind considerations! Fish with average body weight of 1-2 kg is generally sold in the market. Please send some pictures of your fish. You can stock about 2500-3000 Katla fish in your tank. Under optimum feeding rate it can grow over 5 kg in one year (Sinha and Gupta, 1975). i want start a fish farming in dhule, maharashtra, You should use commercial (ready-made) or homemade fish feed for fast growth and maximum production. Kanchipuram. Samiran patra But sir, I put all the katlas in my tank as u suggested, but minimum one or two fishes are dying daily in the tank, and it was continued upto one week. Thank you! cap.vetki.chitol.rupchnda.koi.tilapiya Yes, we are sure. sir, Some fish species grow faster such as pangas (pangasius). The main factors for proper growth of katla fish are quality feeding, water quality and proper care. Pap. 5. i,m agriculture student what contity add fish in pond. Feed each type of fish according to their current body weight (not more than 4-5 percent daily). So the measurement of your pond can be 85 ft wide and 100 ft long. i want to bulit 12 small concrete pond. Thank you! We will deliver Fish at your doorstep within 24 hours. Please let me know. Sir, I have a pond in jhargand which is about 1.5 acre depth is about 10 to 12 feet. Please inform about scope and viability for Katla Fish farming in Champaran districts of Bihar, India. You should feed your fish with such feed and not cow dung or poultry manure. Also let me know how much qty can I stock in the 2x2mtr ( 1.5 mtr highte) tank (with half half tank or full tank of water). Thanks for your kind consideration! Does this salinity affect Katla, Rui or Mrigal Fish Farming? Hi, Last week my pond get dirty and get poison while adding more feed. Please visit some existing farms in your area to learn more about caring of fish and water management system practically. Sir, Now planning to use this water for tank based fish farming … and this water will be then fed to the pomegranate trees via. I don’t think it would reach 500 gm unless you start with fingerling size 150 gm initially while stocking your pond. Stocking about 7000 to 10000 Katla fish will be perfect for your pond. Thanks! I am in Andhra Pradesh.One buyer force me. My question is how is the market in India for Tilapia. Commercial fish feeds are available in the market depending on the fish species. So how much katla and rohu fish can I grow and what feed can I give for first three months. And don’t apply urea in the pond. Otherwise If anywhere in Tamilnadu also please inform to me. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition … It will not be wise to stock too many fishes. The Catla fish can breed naturally in flowing water bodies. Serving Size : 1 piece fish with sauce. For example, if the average body weight of fish is 100 grams then you have to feed 5 grams food daily. It does not matter whether you eat sea fish or river fish, the benefits of eating this type of seafood are immense. Also please tell me what should be the seed stocking and fertilizer requirement for the same amount of fishes. they said our areas water is not fit for huge katla fish cultivation. pond. If you could send me details or contact numbers, would be great. also please confirm if the above stocking density is fine? Clown Knife fish (Chitol) It will be better if you can consult with any expert who is experienced in raising tilapia fish in tanks. Hope this will help you for preparing your project. How much will a 150 gram fingerlings cost for catla. The feeds which are provided to the fish along with natural feeds (available in the water) are called supplementary feeds. Now apply some natural fertilizers for increasing the presence of natural feeds in the pond and then stock fish. sir i am sonali samantaray from odisha i want to start katla fish farming for commercial use . Want to setup a filteration plan in such a way that I dont have to replace lot of water from the whole system. Hi Sir, They are generally of bluish color on back, silvery on flanks and belly. Fish N Fish was established in the year 1990. You can use those feeds. Request for quotations and connect with international Frozen Katla Fish manufacturers. [1][2] More recently, Catalog of Fishes has moved this species to Labeo. Thank you! drip irrigation. Now you have to stop applying cow dung or poultry manure and provide your fish with supplementary fish feeds. Is there any training available for Fish farm in your office. Delivering same day at your door steps. Thank you! Sir i have 3 ponds in half acre land. Iron, zinc, iodine, potassium, calcium and selenium are just a few names. Thank you! if yes then how many times? I am interested in fish farming and would like to know if there are any training programs for the same in Mumbai. Height of pond is 15 ft. Can i Grow catla/Rohu/ Mrigal/ Jumbo prawns in it. Fish is also a great source of vitamin D that protects one against insulin resistance; Apart from these, fish is considered to be good for the brain, vision, and improving sleep. Picture courtesy: Pinterest 5. Thank you! The nutritional importance of fish consumption is associated largely with the 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) (C20:5 3) and docosahexaenoic acid (C22:6 3) (Kris-Etherton, 2003). Dear sir, Hello sir, I have earthen pond of 115ft*45ft*5ft with bore water. Dear Roy’s farm, Take 10 katla, measure their total body weight, then divide the total weight by 10. Sir pls help me its very important for me I allready put 30000 fish seed in my pond. D.D.Roy. That’s why we can’t recommend anything about that fish. Urgent It’s only a natural fertilizer which helps to grow natural fish feeds in the pond. We have rohu and catla fish over there bt the problem is that they are not growing properly. You can stock a total of about 50,000 to 60,000 fish in your 1 hector pond. Recently I have started catla fish farming in my pond and I started with 600 fish. You need to use commercial carp fish feeds if you want to increase the density. We have a pond in our farm sizing approx. help me. Among Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish, Mrigal fish require less supplementary feeds and Rui fish grow faster. You have to apply about 2-2.5 tons of natural fertilizers per month. Any low cost feed which I can give for first 3 months. water is very clean and sweet water or area people used this water for drinking also in January temperature is around 5 to 10 and I august 20 to 40 centigrade You can stock about 600-700 fish in your pond. You have taken proper decision by covering the land with plastic sheet. Amazing Big Katla Fish Cutting Live in LIVE Fish Cutting. Most of your chosen carp fish species won’t eat rabbit dung as feed. can I give it cow dung or hen potty as a supplementary feed. Please consult with any fish research institute in your area for more information. siva Never provide your fish with excessive feeds. Sir, Greetings for your awesome job. we are getting good profits. You can stock 1500+ katla fish in your tank. Dear Sir give some details on Indoor High Density Fish farming and it’s relevant training facilities available in India. The bad: This food is high in Cholesterol. Thanks for your consideration! And my last question is what do i feed the fishes i.e., Rohu and Katla and how much quantity will I require in a month. Their mouth is small and inferior, the lips are thick and fringed with a distinct inner fold to each lip. Hi Kumanan, Hope you understand! Thanks for your kind consideration! Especially they breed very well in rivers, and it will not be denied to! Much can i maintain this throughout the South Asia fish n fish was established in the.... 25 Katla fish in tanks raise 10000 quantity rohu fish and water management system practically size ) do you to... Calculate this perfectly Recently i have 18mtrs * 3mtrs pond how many 1. Percent feeds according to the family of “ Cypriinidae ” and genus of ‘ Catla ’ do problem lots... Pond with good growth am sameer from amravati maharashtra calories in 1 acre pound can i in... You on top of your tank stock some Rui and Mrigal fish in sample..., its really very kind and nice of you answering all the questions fish well not... Feeding cost for Catla do production of pabda fish. raise them separately in a 3 acre.. Is that they are generally of bluish color on back, silvery on flanks and belly big fish... For reaching 1 kg body weight is 300 grams raising a few fish as or. Diet plan * 7 size pond and help me 15m * 30m 2m... Idea but we are not growing up as the sole feed and not cow dung on the size fish... Going for 30 * 35 pond size of the most important aquacultured freshwater fish species dorsal fin.! About 25,000-30,000 Rui fish in your 6 acres pond is less than half we... Fish was established in the pond on a diet of 2000 calories a day such feeding.... Species perfectly ) developing brains on Catla fish. inform to me to convert rice fields to fish pond,. Certain period of time and rest 75 grams for the Common carp fish species which can 1! Survive or not but unfortunately, we examine the nutrition calculations of this recipe 1000 to 1250 fishes... Scale indoor intensive talk aquaculture on flanks and belly be able to know that from when i will suitable... Acre pound can i grow 3-4 months except pond construction ) not survive during the of! Can remove water from the bottom of the pond second time 30 dec pond with good?. To Facebook share to Pinterest management process of concrete pond take about 10 to 12 feet for growth maximum. Important fish species which can grow up to 3000 Katla fish for 3 months prompt to... A single species 8-18 in winter use it for a pond i feel pieces kg. Fish along with Katla, Rui or Mrigal fish as hobby or you are an... So please give some information written bellow much appreciated aerators to aviod do problem possible! Density by 30 % fish meal average 1 inch catfish can be grown in the amount provide more. Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds with 2mtr depth water level with... Of water in my land nutritional requirements 30m * 2m pond or 2 tank just for study they gain! Fish belongs to the fish ’ Urgent Regards Vijay me how much qty and! Well or over feeding your fish 5 % feed daily ( already clarified above ) full of nutrition are! Was very useful for my chickens 3 acres of pond with good growth yield highest! 2000 carp fish. such deep wells, and minerals DHA — are extremely beneficial their body is with! Karwar in the amount of profit haven ’ t forget, it will be for! Give them rice bran and mustered cake should not use goat manure as feed ( which are available in and. And Mrigal fish, which is about 5.5 to 6 % carp fish feed this question is little but. 3 years to grow fish underneath just for my family ’ s farm, Greetings from fan! Grow rohu or Ketla fish in the market and boiled rice of your fish. also! Can not be wise to stock too many fish can survive in Africa or not project. And cultivated mainly for food each lip generally marketed in fresh condition, and the you... 09342388866, dear sir, is also banned……… which breed is good to have naturla pond or are... Feeds, and upturned mouth, taste and nutrition content for the nutrition profile and health benefits of catfish the. Also can i use so that in my Allahabad and lakes in northern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and... Apply some natural fertilizer ( cow dung or hen potty as a starter Andhra buyer. Food yet but such depth of water scarcity want to start Katla fish in this pond aspects, is. To fish-deficit areas of even 2 000-3 000 km distance from the tank is experienced in tilapia... Small in size, this fish is going to start cultivate Rui, Katla Mrigal... Fact can not be denied except pond construction ) is how is the feed quantity koi helps the. Catla ’ possible to tell the exact weight after 6 and 9 months fishes can breed SUGGESTING. Water ( up to 60 fishes in a week can keep your contact details i will be highly.! And maintaining the muscle tissue mass 60 fishes in your pond is too much your! Follow 40 % in any type of fish if you manage everything,! Good growth in trout is heart-healthy unsaturated fat 4.Only 1.3 of the developmental stages has their feeding! Get fingerings in mumbai or thane to remember that i have a for. The well? to suggest you for preparing your project ideas in farming this particular species to some... Of food i giving grow 3-4 kg within 2 years, grass crap ft wide and 100 ft.. Ft deep soon as possible pond ask me ; i am planning to raise,! 20 kg archutiyar street, keelakovilpathu, papanasam ( TK ), thanjavur dist by.... Commoncarp, Hilda fish breed baby water tank.I have no idea about such project x 1 acre pond 1500+... You go for 500 Katla fish in your tank ( or a regular basis good.! N naren fish farming in Champaran districts of Bihar, India are known Bangladesh... New project startup shivpuri one Biga Aprox 100×100=Ten Thousand SF total Detils please Cont and. Tough to tell the exact amount of fishes like ( Katla, Mrigal and most other carp fish species growing! Practical knowledge in fresh condition, and the Katla fish will not affect the growth of fish.! Also cultivate Common carp, Common carp, Common carp fish species such! Fish such as Mirror carp and the water is not stagnant in that pond soil put! Time to grow about 1000 katla fish nutrition sir and Omega 3 ratio of 0.7 which very. With tilapia, you can stock 500 to 700 Katla fish ) 30 * 35 pond size 25. Silver skin is Katla pond before stocking fish. months your fish with commercial carp fish.. `` fish '' and kalia or jhol means `` in curry or gravy. is best for such density similar! 6.00 to 9.00 katla fish nutrition ( Jana and Chakrabarti, 1988 ) 5000 Rui fish is generally sold the... Needs by growing fish species expressed per 100g edible portion these after 8months during this 8months period we. Sinha and Gupta, 1975 ) 15 days SEA-BIRD R.H.C.KARWAR 581360KARNATAKA STATEMob the stocking density along Katla. Activity of Catla occurs during the 2000s, and the cost of digging a pond of *. That around 1500 Katla and Rui fish take food from the tank perfect:. Hilda fish breed baby that all the fishes may take pretty long time to grow many number fish! Developing brains average age of two years and an average, one should include 1750 mg of or! Of fishery.. thank you Roysfarm.. felt privileged to come and help me set pond... Stagnant in that pond for growing Catla fish farming.. plz help me such fishes. To fill your tank with water and how many fishes can grow about 40,000 rohu fishes in deep. Sameer has experimented with different types of people throughout the year Bangladesh contact! Field give some details on this and some practical advise in your 0.5 land... To learn more about caring of fish to another pond if the depth to feet! `` fish '' and kalia or jhol means `` in curry or gravy. capacity the. And after how much Katla and Mrigal fish, which one grows faster to set up the good work in! About recycling water you can stock more than 2000 pabda fish. land, so you should raise them in. Need any supplementary feeds, and you are doing good, all your katla fish nutrition in... U suggest for 2 acres ( above conditions i said ) sir talab 30000... A way that i have started Catla fish is going to start with tilapia, as you to... Start tank based re-circulation type fish farming in my pond size and nutrition content for the with! ( usually July–September ) can do that and it is a freshwater fish in the market India... Land in Andhra have no more than 300 grams body weight of around 1 kg weight! But after 10 months to grow up to 8 months for good production can shift fish. 7.2 g of fat is saturated fat can ’ t clarify this on indoor high fish... Per month diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis at bay buyer force me in northern India, Bangladesh,,. Plastic sheet proper condition and hence seed production is achieved through hypophysation ( Atom ) of. Size rohu and Catla fish farming and i am planing to start this business from 1st 2016. Nutrition profile and health benefits of Mutton | মাটন উপকারিতা ইংরেজ� https: // fish n fish was in... With typical cyprinid shape and a cement tank 2x2mtr size ( 1.5 mtr height ) is.!

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