The replacement backrest and seat base are covered by a 2-year Peel Protection Guarantee and a 14-day accessories warranty. You may upload your images to Google Drive or Dropbox - please ensure they are not made private. Link to photo(s) of your chair and portions of the seat base or backrest that are peeling. Other Office Chairs. Secretlab sent a replacement base, about a week later, after sending them pictures, twice. Our affiliate program is the best in its class. This Program is only applicable to Secretlab 2020 chairs with a purchase date of less than a year. - Assist with warranty requests and shipping of replacement parts - Coordinating with operations and logistics team on pre-order delays, shipments and replacement parts. Edit: Secretlab messaged me stating that the signature problem was on their end, and Fedex had no idea. Same-day Express Delivery (Add-on) Same-day Express Delivery (Add-on) Regular price S/. Available Upholstery PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather NEWSoftWeave® FabricNAPA Leather, Available Upholstery PRIME™ 2.0 PU Leather NEWSoftWeave® Fabric. Log In. Secretlab PRIME™ 2.0 PU leather was developed specifically to address your concerns about peeling. Click on "Privacy and safety" and ensure the "Protect your Tweets" checkbox is unchecked. Edit: Secretlab messaged me stating that the signature problem was on their end, and Fedex had no idea. Sale Sold out. Our replacement parts are made to order and the shipping duration may vary. Sale Sold out. Join our mailing list for the latest offers and product releases! A $400 ten year old Aeron is still better performance and will outlast any brand new gaming chair. We'll contact you once your submission has been processed. You can extend the warranty on all Secretlab 2020 Series chairs to 5 years by joining the, Under the Secretlab Replacement Program, Secretlab will replace any peeling backrests and/or seat bases on eligible chairs. ; $130 OFF all Secretlab 2020 Series NAPA models. 19.00 Sale price S/. Get great deals on Tables & Chairs Chat to Buy If you take good care of it, your chair will continue to look great while keeping you comfortable for many years to come Verdict. Overall, the Titan is an amazing gaming chair, providing sublime fabric comfort, a slick aesthetic and excellent back support over extended periods of PC gaming and desk work. Click on the share button at the bottom right of your video screen and tick the 'Start at

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